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Our top ten most-read stories of 2019 were breaking news and follow-ups that went more in-depth than most broadcast news.

Themes of those stories grouped around education, public safety, and the economic welfare of certain communities.

Those themes are not surprising. They are the stuff of metro news in just about any city because those are the topics that usually represent the most crisis in cities.

Ten most-read stories of 2019

+Topic: SeeWorth Academy

Oklahoma City charter school SeeWorth Academy in serious trouble

May 24 — “SeeWorth Academy charter school in Oklahoma City Public Schools is at risk of losing its accreditation due to “gross neglect and non-compliance with both state and federal laws and regulations.”

OKCPS suddenly bails on SeeWorth name and campus

July 26 — “Oklahoma City Public Schools announced Friday that they will move the planned SeeWorth alternative school program to the Putnam Heights building at N.W. 36th and N. Georgia. The SeeWorth name will also change to ‘Putnam Heights Academy,’ still under the leadership of newly-named principal Shane Nelson.”

+Topic: Oklahoma City Boulevard and Klein Avenue

Accident hot spot forming on Okla City Boulevard just 48 hours after open

August 22 — “Only 48 hours after opening, the newest section of Oklahoma City Boulevard is already developing an accident hot spot where it intersects with S. Klein Avenue.”

Oklahoma City Boulevard continues to rack up collision numbers

September 19 — “Oklahoma City Police report a steady auto-to-auto accident rate on Oklahoma City Boulevard one month after its opening, most at one intersection.”

City speeding up plans to fix dangerous Okla City Boulevard intersection

September 23 — “A key official with the City of Oklahoma City says the City is now actively considering their plan of action for a dangerous intersection on the newly-opened Oklahoma City Boulevard.”

+Topic: Last grocery store on east side

Only full-service grocery store on east side closing Monday

July 31 — “The Smart Saver grocery store at NE 23rd Street and Martin Luther King Avenue will close at the end of the day Monday.”

Buy for Less owners promise full grocery on east side in 60-90 days

August 16 — “Owners of the Buy for Less company announced late Friday that they intend to open an Uptown Grocery on the east side of Oklahoma City near NE 36th and N Kelley. The store opening is planned to happen in 60 to 90 days.”

Millions from MAPS 4 may go to owner who closed Eastside Smart Saver

November 14 — “The owner who closed the Smart Saver at N.E. 23rd Street and Martin Luther King Avenue is positioned to receive up to $5 million in MAPS 4 money.”

+Topic: Traffic ticket amnesty

Have old OKC traffic tickets? Reduced penalty program starts Mon, July 1

June 28 — “The City of Oklahoma City is giving you an opportunity to do a reset on those OKC citations (tickets) 2 years old or older and pay the fine as if you had paid it on time.”

+Topic: City public schools report card from state

Yearly public school report cards released showing strengths, weaknesses

November 25 — “The yearly report cards for all public schools in Oklahoma last school year were released Monday showing a broad range of grades both state-wide and in Oklahoma City Public Schools.”

What you value

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We have made some real advances in this year. But, we need to expand so much more to serve this city with news that helps residents stay informed and engaged in their most local of governments.

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