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Free Press has never gone for the cheap thrill of a “your-turn” type opinion section.

Those are too often a free-for-all of think-tank and serial crank opinions mostly intended to score points with those who already agree.

The sole intent of that kind of section for the publisher is generating more clicks while maintaining the ability to say, “Hey, don’t be mad at us. It’s that writer.” It has little to do with actually contributing to readers’ understanding of the news.

Instead, this year I decided that there would be consistent substance added to the political/governmental debates not read/heard in most of the rest of the state’s media that is too easily cowed by the belligerence of Trumpism.

It needed to be opinion that we would claim in the same way editorials are claimed by news organizations.

In order to achieve that, our analysis/opinion pieces needed to be written by one person for consistency, and not me because I am still so involved in reportage and photography for Free Press.

It is our good fortune to have attracted columnist George Lang who has very ably hammered away twice weekly at a full range of national, state, and city governmental issues.

Here are the top ten opinion articles read by our readers in 2020.

  1. Oklahoma City mask ordinance passes in real-life Parks and Rec episode
  2. As COVID-19 surges in Oklahoma, politicians gaslight its residents
  3. Trump sabotaging national security by leaving Treaty of Open Skies
  4. Lankford, Inhofe refuse to confront Trump’s authoritarian acts in Portland
  5. Purple reign: Oklahoma is only a “red state” if you exclude Okla County
  6. Trump’s Tulsa rally bears the ominous earmarks of a political death cult
  7. Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe can’t stay in the shadows any longer
  8. Bad actors promoted Trump-touted miracle drug, Governor Stitt bought it
  9. Inhofe and Lankford toadied for Trump, now Oklahomans will pay the price
  10. Gov Stitt a major reason many Oklahomans still casual about COVID-19

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