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Affordable housing dev in OKC hamstrung by red tape, credit competition

Developers are often blamed for not providing enough affordable housing. But, there are government policies that are slowing the process.

Complex affordable housing crisis on display across Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) -- What began as an obvious and growing concern about the need for affordable housing opportunities for Oklahoma City’s increasing...

With fears of eviction numbers swelling, prevention experts share insights

City elected officials welcomed three guests to a forum who are local experts on the housing crisis and eviction prevention Tuesday.
downtown Oklahoma City storms

Demystifying ‘affordable’ housing in OKC – Who benefits and how?

What is affordable housing? Take a careful look into how to define it and who might benefit from it and for how long.
Griffin Communications

TV News 9 parent company to purchase home of The Oklahoman

The owners of the Century Center at Sheridan and Robinson downtown have agreed to sell to locally-owned Griffin Communications.

Increased demand, few sellers in OKC heats up market for homebuyers

Increased demand for real estate combined with decreased supply of sellers has created scarcity in the Oklahoma City metro.