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Clare Costello

Clare Costello’s ‘Cups EP’ offers fuzzed-out hymns for the New Year

Trying to define the sounds at play on Clare Costello’s newest release is an uphill battle says Brett Fieldcamp.
Opening night

OKC to celebrate ‘Opening Night 2022’ with eclectic musical lineup

Oklahoma City's Opening Night has been a staple of life in OKC for decades and is back in person this year with some great acts.

Ken Pomeroy captures warm-winter confusion on ‘Christmas Lights in April’

Oklahoma’s own Pomeroy, still shy of her twentieth birthday, artfully dodges the usual pitfalls of the teen singer/songwriter landscape.

OKCMOA celebrating colorful winter spirit with film works of Wong Kar-Wai

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is showing an series of extraordinary films by Wong Kar-Wai from Dec. 17-26.
Gem of the Ocean

Civic Center and OKC Parks present powerful, local ‘Gem of the Ocean’

Brett Fieldcamp reviews a new production by OKC Parks, "Gem of the Ocean" by August Wilson performed in the Civic Center's CitySpace Theater.
kill carmine

OKC’s Kill Carmine rock with virtual concerts and new media

The shock to the system that was 2020 came with loads of lasting consequences, but also some lasting contributions to the entertainment world.