Jail Trust

Jail Trust struggles to take action as activists fight limits on public comment

The Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority (Jail Trust) held a contentious meeting with a packed crowd of onlookers Monday.
Silent March, MLK Day 2020

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday events all-virtual for 2021

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events in Oklahoma City will be all-virtual this year including the massive parade. Here are the details.
La Caravana Del Diablo

La Caravana del Diablo exhibit reveals struggle, hope of Mexico’s caravans

Ada Trillo’s La Caravana del Diablo exhibit Each photograph is illuminated by the hope of its subjects and darkened by their fears.

deadCenter Film Fest brings Black Lives Matter doc to virtual screens Sat

7 p.m. Sat, deadCenter’s virtual screening of the doc "Unapologetic" will serve as FFA’s capstone event for FilmEx, a virtual conference.

Law Enforcement task force hears new consultants, community members

Oklahoma City Law Enforcement Policy Task Force met to welcome their newly hired consulting firm 21cp Solutions and hear from the community.
jail trust

Shove over racial slur in meeting draws introspection from victims

A shove in a Jail Trust meeting January 4 could have resulted in charges for assault and battery but the one shoved has declined.
Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

Bice to vote “no” on Trump impeachment, says it will “further divide” nation

U.S. Rep Stephanie Bice (R-CD5) announced her intent Wednesday to vote against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
Plant People shop

Friends turn plant passion into thriving Midtown business

Plant People is one of Oklahoma City’s newest plant shops and they are defying the heavy odds against any small business during the pandemic.
Oklahoma County Commissioners

Commissioners apply for Federal rent assistance program for unemployed

County commissioners voted to apply for the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Budget board adopted a coronavirus leave program.
Open Letters

Open Letter to Tommie Johnson, Oklahoma County Sheriff

Christopher Johnson pleads with newly-elected Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson to be open to listening to all voices in the county.
Sheriff Chris West

“I rebuke every bit of it” says Sheriff Chris West about attack on Capitol

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West confirms that he was at the "Save America" rally but disavows insurrectionists who broke into the Capitol.
Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

Bice condemns “rioters” without acknowledging their connection to Trump

Oklahoma City's Congresswoman Stephanie Bice (CD-5) condemned "rioters" but never acknowledging them as supporters of President Trump.

Citing oath of office, Inhofe won’t challenge Biden’s election

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe announced Tuesday that he would not challenge Joe Biden's clear win of the election for President.
Oklahoma City Council

Council approves winter emergency shelter, defers demolition of old jail

City Council for Oklahoma City unanimously approved a new emergency shelter and deferred demolishing the old city police/jail building.
Jail Trust

Jail Trust welcomes new Sheriff, witnesses a fight

Monday was the first meeting of the year for the Okla County Jail Trust. New Sheriff Tommie Johnson III was present.
Oklahoma County Jail

Detainee death at OK County Jail suspected homicide

Homicide is thought to be the cause of the latest death in the Oklahoma County Jail that occurred Saturday evening.
James Lankford

Oklahoma Senator Lankford one of 11 seeking to overturn Biden’s election

Sen James Lankford is joining with six other sitting U.S. senators and four senators-elect in demanding an election commission be formed.
George Lang opinion

Our top ten OPINION posts of 2020 exposed bad thinking in government

Here are the top ten opinion articles by George Lang, opinion writer for Free Press, who consistently took on governmental bad thinking.

Our top ten NEWS reports of 2020 show desire for metro OKC news

The top ten news reports in Oklahoma City Free Press reveal a hunger for street-level news about neighborhoods, the City, and county.


At Biden inauguration, Oklahomans were shown clear choice for future

On Wednesday, Oklahoma and Oklahomans figured prominently in the Inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

From McVeigh to MAGA, we haven’t learned our lesson about hate speech

It's time Oklahomans and the rest of the nation learned our lesson about the power of hate speech and the devastation it brings.

Amid talk about free speech, few seem to understand the First Amendment

The First Amendment is just one-sentence long, but it seems few people have read it including two senators who went to Ivy League colleges.

Oklahoma’s U.S. House members not taking attack on Capitol seriously

the Oklahoma Congressional delegation is profoundly failing its constituency, especially its newest member, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Bice.

Lankford is committing seditious conspiracy – he should be held to account

U.S. Sen James Lankford, in an act of sedition against the U.S., has signed onto a letter with the intent to overturn Biden's election.