First Americans

First Americans Museum offers honest history – hard truth at opening

The First Americans Museum (FAM) opening overarching theme was openness and blunt honesty about the hardship of the Native people in history.
Paula Sophia

Manhood — from the inside out — part 28 — Heroic

Paula Sophia continues her saga of life's experiences and influences that contributed to who she is today.
Factory Obscura

Factory Obscura’s “Mix-Tape” combines emotion, interactivity, accessibility

OKC-based arts collective Factory Obscura is keeping the emotional legacy of the mixtape alive as an interactive experience.

Come Together on the patio: The Collective Kitchens + Cocktails

Steve Gill finds that The Collective + Cocktails is a good choice for choice of foods and outdoor dining as pandemic times stretch on.
Guatemalan exhibit

OKC hosting Native Mayan, Guatemalan Art for Hispanic Heritage Month

As a part of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Mayan and Guatemalan Art Exhibit is on display at the Oklahoma History Center. 
Will Rogers World Airport

New wing designed to bring world travelers to Will Rogers World Airport

The new east wing of Will Rogers World Airport adds a new security checkpoint, four additional gates, and unique art to the terminal.
downtown okc

Completed Census shows dramatic rural to urban shift in Okla population

The Oklahoma legislative redistricting staff members continue ongoing 2021 redistricting plans now that the delayed Census data is in.

OKC indie supergroup Sisteria to debut at Tower Theatre this Saturday

For Katie Williams the new show is a particular kind of metamorphosis from singer/songwriter solo act to part of a real, collaborative band.

Open letter to Gov. Kevin Stitt on the death sentence of Julius Jones

Christopher Johnson writes an open letter to Governor Kevin Stitt urging him to commute the death sentence of Julius Jones to life.
OKC City Council

OKC City Council accepts plan for MAPS 4 implementation, relief funds

City Council of Oklahoma City met to hear plans for the financial future of the City especially as it prepares for MAPS 4.

OKCPS tackling dropout rates with close monitoring, intervention

The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education discussed the processes now in place to help students avoid dropping out of school.

Pardon and Parole Bd recommends commutation of Julius Jones’ sentence

The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board has recommended the death sentence for Julius Jones be commuted to a life sentence.

Holt on 9/11 — ‘My time on this earth was scheduled to end’

OKC Mayor David Holt revealed a strong sense of gratitude he feels toward those on Flight 93 that crashed on 9/11 in 2001.
Paula Sophia

Manhood — from the inside out — part 27 — Savage aggression

Paula Sophia continues her serial memoir of significant dynamics that formed her into the person she is today.
OKC Philharmonic

OKC Philharmonic rises to challenge of pandemic-era performance

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic remains one of the crown jewels of the city’s artistic and high-cultural society as they begin a new season.

Okla-made ‘Wild Indian’ is a bleak, difficult, profound look at Native identity

The Oklahoma-made movie "Wild Indian" is previewed by Brett Fieldcamp. He describes it as a "difficult and unflinchingly dark story."
Oklahoma County Jail

Jail Trust committee takes on supervision, population, classification issues

Three working groups of the Oklahoma County Detention Center Action Committee presented their findings which will go to the Jail Trust next.

There’s no diviner diner — return to Grill on the Hill

Steve Gill returns to Grill on the Hill and finds it to be just as satisfying as it ever was.
First Americans Museum

First Americans Museum Brings Dignity to Indigenous Art and History

OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) -- Crowning the southern skyline of Oklahoma City with an epic half-dome, the First Americans Museum will open its doors...


Mask mandate or horse dewormer – your choice, OKC City Councilors

Guest opinion columnist Nick Brooke weighs in on mask mandate decisions he believes the OKC City Council should make.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 658 Gave Me COVID-19

Aaron Baker delivers his opinion about what he considers to be the upstream origin of his COVID-19 infection.

As Qanon right-wing primaries Lankford, Democrats need to run badasses

Opinion - As Senator James Lankford is primaried from the even further right in the Republican Party, time for Democrats to recruit badasses.

Stitt doesn’t have political capital or local popularity to enter national stage

Stitt has little chance at the White House. Desultory numbers at home do not typically constitute a launching pad to the national stage.

Texas legislators who broke quorum to preserve voting rights are heroes

Democratic legislators took the heroic step of walking out of the Texas House chambers and halting passage of Texas’ voter suppression bill.