Oklahoma City Council

Council approves $1 million to non-profits, extends billboard ultimatum

The OKC Council allocated $1M of CARES funds for nonprofits, continued to ban billboards, and set hefty fines for blocking streetcars.
Walke Walker

Collin Walke points to record in HD-87 seat in contest with Valerie Walker

HD-87 Rep Collin Walke (D) is pointing to his strong legislative record as he defends his seat against challenger Valerie Walker (R).
Kendra Horn

Teacher unions endorse Congresswoman Kendra Horn in CD-5 race

Three teachers unions have endorsed Kendra Horn for re-election to a second term for Oklahoma’s Congressional District 5.
Osburn Baccus

Edmond HD-81 – Dem newcomer Baccus takes on GOP incumbent Osburn

Republican Mike Osburn has been representing HD-81 since 2016 and is now defending his seat against Democratic challenger, Jacob Baccus.
House District 97

Lowe and Janloo differ most on gun policy in eastside HD-97 race

Oklahoma HD-97 incumbent Jason Lowe (D) is being challenged by Republican local business owner Ben Janloo.
Cubit Johnson

Oklahoma County Sheriff race debate reveals key candidate differences

Wayland Cubit and Tommie Johnson faced off in a debate in Oklahoma City to try and win over voters in the race for Oklahoma County Sheriff.
teacher of the year

Three metro teachers among 12 finalists for state Teacher of the Year

Three public school teachers from the OKC metro are among the 12 state Teacher of the Year finalists for Oklahoma.
FOP Bice

Bice receives Oklahoma City police union endorsement in CD-5 race

Stephanie Bice (R) received an endorsement in the Congressional District 5 race from Oklahoma City FOP that represents OKCPD officers.

Third and last Horn, Bice debate focuses on who is the most bipartisan

Tuesday night marked the last time Senator Stephanie Bice and Congresswoman Kendra Horn would debate before the election.

Stone takes on Treat, Senate’s most powerful incumbent, for NW OKC seat

Political newcomer Andrea Stone challenges incumbent Greg Treat who seeks his last term in the Oklahoma Senate before hitting his term limit.
Jail Trust

In loud Jail Trust meeting, ICE motion fails, court video upgrades approved

Okla County Criminal Justice Authority, or Jail Trust, discussed the presence of ICE agents and allocated CARES funds for COVID amelioration.
Board of County Commissioners

Calvey quizzes Community Cares Found about CARES rental assistance

Oklahoma County Commissioner Kevin Calvey quizzed a Community Cares Foundation representative about CARES Funds spending before years end.


Ice storm is a teachable moment for those temporarily without power

We've been through some hardship in this ice storm. We need to learn from these things. For some, this is every day.

Final presidential debate shows Trump incapable of taking responsibility

Final presidential debate shows Trump incapable of taking responsibility. Trump provided a cavalcade of rhetorical sewage.

In anti-science campaign, Trump has sent us into a new Dark Age

For his closing trick of the 2020 election, President Donald Trump is leading his followers into a new Dark Age.

Oklahoma City ICU spaces full as Trump, Stitt let herd immunity thin us out

And as this city grapples with increased caseload, the Trump administration is adopting a “herd immunity” policy regarding COVID-19.

On thin ICE: Calvey scrambles to keep immigration officers at county jail

District 3 Okla County Commissioner Kevin Calvey is jamming through his toxic passion projects while he still has the political leverage to get them done.