True Sky

True Sky Credit Union cuts ribbon on second Edmond location

True Sky Credit Union concluded a week of activities Saturday to mark the opening of its second Edmond branch.

Commissioners approve spending on new, separate Sheriff’s website

The Oklahoma County Board of County Commissioners approved spending on a new Sheriff's website separate from the county's website.

Former OK County detention officer booked in detainee death

A former Oklahoma County Detention Center (OCDC) or Jail officer has surrendered for booking in the death of a detainee in December.
Flock of Pigs

Flock of Pigs dodge expectations, bad deals on new single “Blacklisted”

The OKC-Norman band Flock of Pigs is back in OKC and has released their first single since a weird foray in New York with sketchy managers.
True Sky Credit Union

True Sky Credit Union continues expansion in metro with Edmond opening

True Sky Credit Union continues its expansion across the larger OKC metro area with their opening of the first Edmond branch.
Oklahoma City Council

Council hears budget proposals — Parks, Dev Services, Planning, Transit

Presenting budgets Tuesday were the Parks and Recreation Department, Development Services, Planning, and Public Transit and Parking.

Police shoot southeast OKC man while executing search, arrest warrants

Members of the Oklahoma City Police Department shot a man they thought was pointing a lethal weapon at the police helicopter.

Commissioners approve Douglas street closure, recognize Drug Court

The Oklahoma County Board of County Commissioners met Monday and came to an agreement with the U.S. Air Force on expansion of Tinker AFB.

Okla Lt. Gov. Pinnell approved millions in Foggy Bottom Kitchen expenses

As Lt. Governor, Matt Pinnell signed off on over $16 million in paid by taxpayers in questionable Foggy Bottom Kitchen expenses.

Death in Oklahoma County Jail under investigation

Another detainee in the Oklahoma County Detention Center (Jail) died early Friday morning. It is the seventh for the jail so far in 2022.

OKCPS to expand fun, successful reading program district-wide next year

Oklahoma City Public Schools has seen success with its Raising a Reader program and is expanding it district wide next year.

Data breach at OKCPS third-party vendor exposes student information

A data breach at a third-party tech vendor could have exposed sensitive information about individual students in Oklahoma City Public Schools
Oklahoma County Jail

Jail Advisory Board debates subcommittee make-up, Jail Trust seat rec

The Citizens Advisory Board for the Oklahoma County Jail Trust met for their third time and debated the make-up of subcommittees.
Taft Middle School

OKCPS 2022 summer school plans expand last year’s enhancements

What were new, experimental measures for summer school last year have become the standard for this year's summer school in OKCPS.
Lunar Division

Lunar Division conjure “Phantom” of old school rock on new album

Brett Fieldcamp says to check out OKC’s Lunar Division to see that rock is not only still kicking, but still going strong.
Oklahoma City Council

Council approves water park, resort investment, sells oldest public park

The City Council for Oklahoma City managed to sell off the oldest public park in Oklahoma City to private interests.
COVID relief

Gov Stitt admin keeping report secret on questionable relief funds spending

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt's administration officials have repeatedly denied nonprofit newsrooms' requests to release a report on federal funds use.
Cyndi Munson knocking doors

On Mother’s Day — ‘holding my pain while holding my gratitude’

Oklahoma Representative Cyndi Munson, House District 85, shares the many complex feelings she has on Mother's Day.

Biotech deal pledges $100 million to OKC company to combat hearing loss

With a massive deal struck last month, a local Oklahoma City company stands to lead the charge against hearing loss.


Manhood — from the inside out — the purge

Paula Sophia Schonauer continues a serial memoir. To read the earlier parts of this series, follow the links at the end of each episode.

Stitt and Pruitt blame the press for their policy failures — we know better

In his opinion column, George Lang takes on both Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

The right-wing march on your rights is not a simulation

In this opinion piece, George Lang gives a direct and past-due warning about the right-wing march to reduce your rights.

Manhood — from the inside out — Where the darkness lives

Paula Sophia Schonauer continues a serial memoir. To read the earlier parts of this series, follow the links at the end of each episode.

Stitt scandals piling up as education relief fund misuse is exposed

Stitt and Secretary of Education (Broheim Division) Ryan Walters did not put any safeguards on the GEER system to keep people from abusing it.

Swadley’s Tourism Dept deal hits bottom — ethics surrounding it are foggy

George Lang takes on the Swadley's chain for its overcharging, inside deal to take on a no-loose contract with the State of Oklahoma.

Manhood — from the inside out — first glimpse

Paula Sophia Schonauer continues a serial memoir. To read the earlier parts of this series, follow the links at the end of each episode.

When his policies come into question, Stitt unleashes his troll army

Gov. Kevin Stitt is a troll king. Rather than assemble a top-flight political communications apparatus, he employs online trolls.

Manhood – from the inside out – bodies

Paula Sophia Schonauer continues a serial memoir. To read the earlier parts of this series, follow the links at the end of each episode.

Stitt only understands part of what it means to be ‘pro-life’

In this opinion piece our opinion columnist George Lang challenges Governor Stitt's promoting himself as "pro-life."