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Senator James Lankford

As Qanon right-wing primaries Lankford, Democrats need to run badasses

Opinion - As Senator James Lankford is primaried from the even further right in the Republican Party, time for Democrats to recruit badasses.

Stitt doesn’t have political capital or local popularity to enter national stage

Stitt has little chance at the White House. Desultory numbers at home do not typically constitute a launching pad to the national stage.
Texas Legislators

Texas legislators who broke quorum to preserve voting rights are heroes

Democratic legislators took the heroic step of walking out of the Texas House chambers and halting passage of Texas’ voter suppression bill.
Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

Stephanie Bice loiters in Washington, lamely following Republican leaders

OPINION -- U.S. Representative Stephanie Bice will never be your moderate friend in Washington, D.C. She is proving only to be a generic Republican...

Governor Stitt tries to scare up votes by lying to Chick-Fil-A superfans

Opinion columnist George Lang delivers commentary on Governor Kevin Stitt's latest political campaign letter loaded with specious material.
U.S. Capitol

Ousting the Republican conference chair, Republicans chose lies over Liz

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, was removed from her Republican House leadership for telling the truth and challenging the "Big Lie."

Rejecting critical race theory, HB 1775 tries to take the history out of history

Oklahoma’s majority conservative, majority White lawmakers want our students to be taught revisionist history in favor of Whites only.
Softball Hall of Fame

Legislated hate could cost Oklahoma the Women’s College World Series

Opinion - The Oklahoma Legislature is out to control our lives in very minute ways and it could cost us in real millions of dollars.
OKC Bombing

Stitt placates hate on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing

Gov Kevin Stitt used a sacred day as an opportunity to create false equivalencies and spread toxic Fox News talking points.
John Bennett

John Bennett and the forces of hate have taken over the Oklahoma GOP

Having elected former State Rep. John Bennett as its new chairman, the Oklahoma Republican Party is now a hate group.