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governor stitt

Gov Stitt’s anti-science response to COVID-19 is making Oklahoma sick

This week, Stitt both engaged in utterly irresponsible behavior and defensive messaging about his health policy.
Dr. Frye and Stitt

As ICUs run out of beds, Stitt and Frye refuse to mandate masks

Tulsa ran out of ICU beds Monday, and those were not just beds for people fighting for their lives against COVID-19. That was for everyone.
Rally at Capitol

KWTV’s Black Lives Matter protest coverage from right-wing fever swamps

KWTV’s coverage of Oklahoma City’s Black Lives Matter protest Sunday came live from the fever swamps of arch-conservatism.

Real concern for health puts Mayor Holt in sharp contrast to Gov Stitt

Mayor David Holt's real concern for the health of Oklahoma City residents puts him in sharp contrast to Governor Kevin Stitt.
Open Skies

Trump sabotaging national security by leaving Treaty of Open Skies

Trump began actively sabotaging the incoming administration and the latest action to do that was leaving the Treaty of Open Skies.
police cars

Bennie Edwards was a victim of OKC police gunfight mentality

Bennie Edwards is dead. If OKCPD officers who shot him had mental illness intervention training it might have turned out differently.

Senate acquittal vote – One profile in courage and two who ran scared

Oklahoma Senators Lankford and Inhofe voted "not guilty" in Trump's Senate trial choosing the way of fear while another Republican Senator chose courage.
Post office

Opinion – Senators Inhofe, Lankford help Trump “flood the zone”

Trump admitted that the United States Postal Service slowdown was an effort to hold mail-in voting for ransom.
kevin calvey

On thin ICE: Calvey scrambles to keep immigration officers at county jail

District 3 Okla County Commissioner Kevin Calvey is jamming through his toxic passion projects while he still has the political leverage to get them done.

Oklahoma’s U.S. House members not taking attack on Capitol seriously

the Oklahoma Congressional delegation is profoundly failing its constituency, especially its newest member, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Bice.