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kevin calvey

On thin ICE: Calvey scrambles to keep immigration officers at county jail

District 3 Okla County Commissioner Kevin Calvey is jamming through his toxic passion projects while he still has the political leverage to get them done.
Paula Sophia

Manhood from the inside out – part 19 – Malingering

Paula Sophia Schonauer, LCSW, continues a serial memoir of events and processes that have contributed to her development as a trans woman.

Trump’s health delusions sow more chaos before next debates

President Donald Trump and his campaign are falling apart just as the bill comes due for four years of lies, malfeasance, and unforced errors.
Paula Sophia

Manhood, from the inside out, part 5 — Mirror

Paula Sophia continues a serial memoir "Manhood, from the inside out" where we are given insight into the journey toward authentic personhood.
Paula Sophia

Manhood, from the inside out – part 6 – Deep Water

Paula Sophia continues her serial memoir of her life of transformation and self-discovery as a transgender woman.
President Donald Trump

Trump learned nothing after getting COVID-19 and hospital stay

Trump is currently infecting White House staff and now promises to try and infect others at next week’s second presidential debate.

Woodward’s recordings are public, senators must pressure Trump to resign

Anyone in Congress who continues to support President Donald Trump right now is an accomplice to his crimes against the American people.
Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

Stephanie Bice loiters in Washington, lamely following Republican leaders

OPINION -- U.S. Representative Stephanie Bice will never be your moderate friend in Washington, D.C. She is proving only to be a generic Republican...

As COVID-19 surges in Oklahoma, politicians gaslight its residents

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and others, including President Donald Trump, are gaslighting us about COVID-19 and it is endangering us all.
Stitt gaming

Gov Stitt lost big money betting against the state’s tribal gaming compacts

Gov. Kevin Stitt lost a sucker bet against tribal gaming compacts in Oklahoma Tuesday, spending $1.5 million in legal fees.