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Republicans at the national level want Oklahoma City’s progressive residents to accept their fate as outnumbered, outgunned voters in a bright red state.
Gov. Kevin Stitt is committing gubernatorial malpractice by refusing to mandate masks and it is driving Oklahoma toward the abyss.
When it comes to inserting qualifiers into his statements to reflect better on his actions, Inhofe and his handlers are practitioners of the dark arts.
Kevin Calvey, District 3 Oklahoma County Commissioner, acts like he neither likes nor understands active people in local politics.
At a time when Oklahoma needs true leadership, Trump, Stitt and Inhofe are not real leaders. They follow the money every time.
We are now in the midst of a stone-cold constitutional crisis. It seems that Pres Trump wants a quadruple trainwreck on November 3.
Lankford avoids events in places where his opinions are likely to be challenged. When he does schedule such meetings, it is with little prior public notice.
Parks and Rec went off the air in 2015, but its spirit lived on at Friday’s Oklahoma City Council meeting with some comments to Council that were unique.
Oklahoma City Ward 1 Councilman James Greiner wants everyone out of their sweats and into their suits by the end of the month, COVID-19 be damned.
Stephanic Bice has won the Republican primary run-off. If elected, will she provide a critical mind in the face of authoritarianism?