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President Donald Trump and his campaign are falling apart just as the bill comes due for four years of lies, malfeasance, and unforced errors.
Opinion - By sowing false information about the January 6 Capitol attack, Lankford is fueling the next wave of insurrection.
Gov. Kevin Stitt’s unforced error of posting his family enjoying a local food court during a pandemic was not just embarrassing and grossly irresponsible.
Oklahomans must take a hard look at the politicians willing to sell what is left of their souls to enable Trump’s plan to retain power.
Trump began actively sabotaging the incoming administration and the latest action to do that was leaving the Treaty of Open Skies.
Gov. Kevin Stitt’s administration is ready to crack down on employees who stay home out of concern for their health and safety.
Trump does not get what it means to serve. Senators Inhofe and Lankford are complicit in Trump's disservice to America’s wounded warriors.
U.S. Sen James Lankford, in an act of sedition against the U.S., has signed onto a letter with the intent to overturn Biden's election.
Oklahoma City voters approved the MAPS 4 sales tax with the promise from the City Council to take on a number of projects. But which will be done first?
With statewide numbers of new coronavirus cases doubling, Bynum and Holt have seemingly lost their nerve when it comes to a COVID-19 response.