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Impeachment trial

In former President Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial, the cameras do not lie

The differences between former President Trump's first trial and the 2021 edition could not be more stark.

Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe can’t stay in the shadows any longer

Senator Jim Inhofe can no longer stay in the shadows and avoid all voters with progressive opponent Abby Broyles running against him.
closes schools

Oklahoma’s board of education failed the state’s students

Four governor-appointed Oklahoma State Board of Education members tanked COVID-19 measures for school this fall by making it all a "recommendation."

Congressional 5th District residents suffered the real loss in Horn-Bice race

That is all Stephanie Bice has planned for us? To be a pain-in-the-ass backbencher in the House Minority and be a doorjam against progress?

Rejecting critical race theory, HB 1775 tries to take the history out of history

Oklahoma’s majority conservative, majority White lawmakers want our students to be taught revisionist history in favor of Whites only.

Despite Stitt’s order, be patient, or you will be a patient

When the national death toll from coronavirus exceeded 50,000, Gov. Kevin Stitt opened barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, and pet grooming services.
kevin calvey

When people in power act badly with impunity, it’s a warning sign

When people in power act badly with impunity, it is a warning sign of something far worse on the horizon.
Mullin and Hern

Trump needs sock puppets like Mullin and Hern who will do his bidding

When our nation emerges from the Trump era on January 20, 2021, the conditions in Washington, D.C. will not simply revert back.

Trump’s Tulsa rally bears the ominous earmarks of a political death cult

This weekend, an endlessly needy man-child will descend upon Tulsa and, after demanding never-ending fealty from his followers.
President Donald Trump

Trump learned nothing after getting COVID-19 and hospital stay

Trump is currently infecting White House staff and now promises to try and infect others at next week’s second presidential debate.