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The most critical function of an independent press is to be the eyes and ears for the public. You trust us to watch the government and keep you accurately informed.

We watch for you because you have a living to earn and can’t watch closely all of the time.

Local democracy

With the Roman Republic as an exception, no democracy in history has been able to exist for long without an independent source of news about that government and the people who run it.

As we have seen of late, it is extraordinarily easy for politicians to beguile us and then do whatever benefits them and the wealthiest minority who are their biggest contributors.

Since October, Free Press has been steadily finding its place in the news of Oklahoma City.

Some people are already counting on us to provide news and a perspective they can’t get elsewhere.


As the founder and editor of this publication I welcome your pressure.

Make us step into the role of providing more perspective and information.

That includes news about positive and negative developments in City of Oklahoma City government, Oklahoma City Public Schools, and cultures that are often ignored because they don’t represent an income level that attracts advertisers.

It includes the politics of our city and the many layers of intrigue it often causes.


It also means we will rummage around into issues that others in power want us to ignore.

That’s the role Free Press steps into, along with other news organizations. We watch so that you will know what is being done with your tax dollars and with the power you bestow on others when they are elected.

So, those who operate with the power the public gives them should know that now Free Press has joined other organizations in an important role in democracy.

We’re watching.

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