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Labor Day is not the sequel to Memorial Day and not a time for hollow and vague statements about the sanctity of work.
When people in power act badly with impunity, it is a warning sign of something far worse on the horizon.
Chris Paul's leadership among NBA players to stage a wildcat strike and not play for a day made a jarring point about police violence.
Stephanic Bice has won the Republican primary run-off. If elected, will she provide a critical mind in the face of authoritarianism?
Kevin Calvey, District 3 Oklahoma County Commissioner, acts like he neither likes nor understands active people in local politics.
Trump admitted that the United States Postal Service slowdown was an effort to hold mail-in voting for ransom.
Oklahoma County Commissioners' plans to subvert First Amendment-protected rights were foiled by patriotic citizens this week.
President Donald Trump says "I never kid" and we should believe it, says opinion columnist George Lang. If we don't, we are in peril.
This first week of August is a landmark for Wayne LaPierre, chief executive officer of the NRA or National Rifle Association.
Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe saved the day for President Trump with a scheme that put a questionable Pentagon appointee in place without Senate approval.