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Rejecting critical race theory, HB 1775 tries to take the history out of history

Oklahoma’s majority conservative, majority White lawmakers want our students to be taught revisionist history in favor of Whites only.
Softball Hall of Fame

Legislated hate could cost Oklahoma the Women’s College World Series

Opinion - The Oklahoma Legislature is out to control our lives in very minute ways and it could cost us in real millions of dollars.
OKC Bombing

Stitt placates hate on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing

Gov Kevin Stitt used a sacred day as an opportunity to create false equivalencies and spread toxic Fox News talking points.
John Bennett

John Bennett and the forces of hate have taken over the Oklahoma GOP

Having elected former State Rep. John Bennett as its new chairman, the Oklahoma Republican Party is now a hate group.

Forbes’ annual billionaires list is not a dream board – it is a horror...

This week, Forbes magazine announced its annual list of the world’s billionaires, and Oklahoma is typically well represented on the list, with Tom and...
Kevin Calvey

With crisis at Ok County jail, Calvey descends into right-wing rage

Ok County Commissioner Kevin Calvey posted a seething batch of lies to his Facebook page. It was a reminder of just how craven Calvey can be.

Stitt’s war on Gist, Tulsa Public Schools over COVID response rages on

Governor Kevin Stitt's comms team went after Tulsa Public Schools and Supt. Deborah Gist over recognition for COVID response. Why?
Shelley Zumwalt

Zumwalt’s efforts at Employment Comm could be new ‘Oklahoma standard’

Shelley Zumwalt holds a Masterclass almost daily on how to do your job like your state depends on it. Is this the new "Oklahoma Standard"?

We need an armistice in conservative America’s never-ending culture war

If it feels like you are being asked to take sides on every topic, it is because everything is a wedge issue now.

Oklahoma City Police Dept trying to Portlandize OKC summer protests

Opinion - The Oklahoma City Police Department should release the raw videos of body-worn cams and pole cams during the May 30-31 protests.