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Until real progress is made to fortify the power grids that we depend on more than ever before, every week should be “infrastructure week.”
The differences between former President Trump's first trial and the 2021 edition could not be more stark.
The problem is "ghost students" do exist. They are real and still out there. But, they are lost to our schools right now. Time to find them.
Senators Lankford and Inhofe are doing their level best to disrupt justice in the wake of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Republicans are using the word "unity" a lot after the January 6 insurrection perhaps we'll all just let bygones be bygones.
On Wednesday, Oklahoma and Oklahomans figured prominently in the Inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.
It's time Oklahomans and the rest of the nation learned our lesson about the power of hate speech and the devastation it brings.
The First Amendment is just one-sentence long, but it seems few people have read it including two senators who went to Ivy League colleges.
the Oklahoma Congressional delegation is profoundly failing its constituency, especially its newest member, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Bice.
U.S. Sen James Lankford, in an act of sedition against the U.S., has signed onto a letter with the intent to overturn Biden's election.