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When it comes to inserting qualifiers into his statements to reflect better on his actions, Inhofe and his handlers are practitioners of the dark arts.
The stagecraft during a recent Zoom call was remarkable. Inhofe appeared wearing a paramilitary olive-green shirt. It was epic pandering.
At a time when seemingly all of society’s functions are in turmoil, it is easy to miss the warnings when the gatekeepers start locking the gates.
From our Opinion columnist, George Lang -- Many Oklahomans still do not take COVID-19 seriously. Gov. Kevin Stitt is a major reason for that.
As the nation looked to lawmakers to find a way through the COVID-19 health crisis, Oklahoma's U.S. Senators James Lankford and Jim Inhofe whined.
The brutal truth is that both Lankford and Inhofe constituted 25 percent of the “no” votes on the COVID-19 response bill, which was approved 90-8.
Gov. Kevin Stitt’s unforced error of posting his family enjoying a local food court during a pandemic was not just embarrassing and grossly irresponsible.
People seeking truth should look to reliable media and medical science. The snake oil will not cure COVID-19 and the charlatans do not care about your fate.
Senator Jim Inhofe can no longer stay in the shadows and avoid all voters with progressive opponent Abby Broyles running against him.
Epic Charter Schools and others that receive state taxpayer dollars should operate by the same accountability standards as traditional public schools.