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This first week of August is a landmark for Wayne LaPierre, chief executive officer of the NRA or National Rifle Association.
Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe saved the day for President Trump with a scheme that put a questionable Pentagon appointee in place without Senate approval.
Oklahomans must take a hard look at the politicians willing to sell what is left of their souls to enable Trump’s plan to retain power.
Gov. Kevin Stitt lost a sucker bet against tribal gaming compacts in Oklahoma Tuesday, spending $1.5 million in legal fees.
Four governor-appointed Oklahoma State Board of Education members tanked COVID-19 measures for school this fall by making it all a "recommendation."
Lankford and Inhofe’s lack of insight or public comment on these attacks is not surprising. They do not see the protesters as part of “their America.”
Parks and Rec went off the air in 2015, but its spirit lived on at Friday’s Oklahoma City Council meeting with some comments to Council that were unique.
Gov. Kevin Stitt is committing gubernatorial malpractice by refusing to mandate masks and it is driving Oklahoma toward the abyss.
When police and prosecutors overstep their authority, all citizens have a responsibility to speak up White or Black.
Trump’s rabid demagoguery at his July 3 Mount Rushmore rally painted everyone who does not support him as less than American and less than human.