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Bennie Edwards is dead. If OKCPD officers who shot him had mental illness intervention training it might have turned out differently.
President Donald Trump’s state and congressional minions will keep Trumpism alive even at the cost of democracy itself.
In a self-made crisis, Gov. Kevin Stitt now must replace an already unnecessary replacement for a state Board of Education member.
wants to do the bare minimum for Oklahomans while maxing out support for Georgia Republicans
Okla Gov. Kevin Stitt and the state’s two senators, James Lankford and Jim Inhofe, have taken their eyes off the ball with COVID numbers.
Trump began actively sabotaging the incoming administration and the latest action to do that was leaving the Treaty of Open Skies.
U.S. Senator James Lankford is a foot soldier in the attempted coup by allegedly outgoing President Donald Trump.
That is all Stephanie Bice has planned for us? To be a pain-in-the-ass backbencher in the House Minority and be a doorjam against progress?
Oklahoma City Public Schools’ decision this week to resume in-person learning as COVID-19 cases spike was an act disengaged from reality.
Tulsa ran out of ICU beds Monday, and those were not just beds for people fighting for their lives against COVID-19. That was for everyone.