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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — Oklahoma County Detention Center (Jail) staff have announced the third detainee death of 2022 which occurred Sunday.

Kyle Shaw, DOB 8-22-85, was found “unresponsive” in his cell at 4:49 a.m. Sunday according to Jail spokesperson Mark Opgrande.

jail death
Kyle Shaw, DOB 8-22-85, (provided by Oklahoma County Detention Center)

According to the news release, “The night before Shaw and his cell mate asked to help with the breakfast distribution. Shaw’s cell mate reported when he got up to help with breakfast, Shaw was awake but said he was not feeling well. However, at that time the detainee did not inform staff. Five minutes later the officer went into Shaw’s cell and discovered him lying on the ground.”

According to the official account, Jail staff began efforts to save Shaw’s life once he was discovered in his cell when breakfast was being distributed.

Upon their arrival, EMSA paramedics continued attempts to revive Shaw. Eventually, EMSA declared Shaw dead at 5:34 a.m.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office will determine the cause of death.

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