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Your involvement in government doesn’t get any more local than this. And Tuesday is the day for you to get involved.

Oklahoma City residents will have several choices for each open seat for city council and school board in local elections Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Use the Oklahoma Election Board’s Online Voter Tool to find specific information about your polling place, times and candidates you are eligible to vote for.

The City Council for the City of Oklahoma City have multiple candidates running for each of its four open seats.

And multiple candidates have filed for each of the two seats and chair position open on the Board of Education for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

In the City of Oklahoma City, registered voters of each of the open wards will be able to vote.

If any candidate receives a majority of the votes in Tuesday’s primary, he or she is elected to office.

If no candidate receives a majority of votes in the primary, the two candidates with the most votes will run in a decisive general election April 4.

Candidates are elected to four-year terms. The annual salary is $12,000.

The Mayor, who is elected at-large, and one Council member representing each of Oklahoma City’s eight Wards comprise the Oklahoma City Council.

For Oklahoma City Council:

Ward 1 candidates

  • Jonathan Clour
  • Chris Gordon
  • James Greiner (incumbent)

Ward 3 candidates

  • Larry McAtee (incumbent)
  • Joe “Sarge” Nelson
  • Matthew W. Olsen

Ward 4 candidates

  • Doris Mangiaracina Benbrook
  • Walter J. Kula
  • Richard Morrissette
  • Todd Stone

Ward 7 candidates

  • Sheri Dickerson
  • Marina Mangiaracina
  • John A. Pettis Jr. (incumbent)

For Oklahoma City School Board:

Board Chairperson

  • Paula Lewis (current Office No. 4 incumbent)
  • Wilfredo Santos Rivera
  • Gregory A. Wyatt
  • Bianca Rose
  • Stanley Hupfeld

Board Member – Office No. 1

  • Nathan Shirley
  • Charles Henry
  • Cheryl Poole

Board Member – Office No. 2

  • Justin Ellis (incumbent)
  • Rebecca L. Budd
  • Nick Singer

If Paula Lewis is elected to chairperson, her Office No. 4 seat will be vacant. The board will then appoint someone to replace her.

Other cities

Several of the cities within the larger metro area will be having city council and school board races as well. Check the Online Voter Tool.

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