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What if we expanded our cinema coverage? You’re about to find out!

Finally, Free Press is expanding our coverage of all things cinema. It's something I always wanted but just didn't have the bandwidth to do consistently.

Why we are launching two types of opinion pieces on Free Press

After three years of my resisting any policy or cultural opinion pieces in Free Press, I have decided to adopt two types of articles.

Our top ten stories in 2019 show readers value details of breaking news

Our top ten most-read stories of 2019 were breaking news and follow-ups that went more in-depth than most broadcast news.
downtown okc

MAPS 4 and your vote Tuesday — Who do you trust?

The major question before walking into the voting booth Tuesday for the MAPS 4 vote is this: Who do you trust?

So, you want to write for us? Let’s get started!

Free Press will only be able to expand our coverage by hiring freelance writers. That means we are always on the lookout for good writers who are curious.

Local community relationships more important than clicks

One of the ways news has been hollowed out is that much of what we read is not connected to much of anything that is real in our daily lives. Free Press does things differently.

Photography is crucial to our reporting

Anyone who has visited this site for longer than five seconds will see how important our photography is for Free Press. It's...
Vigil light

The beauty of reporting

I was a high school teacher and an education issues blogger once upon a time. In those days I...

We’re back!

How about this? We're back! Free Press reboots with this editor's blog post. News stories will be added starting...
Oklahoma City at night (Brett Dickerson)

The value of answering questions instead of just asking

Being a guest on two podcasts recently gave me the rare opportunity of reversed roles of answering questions asked by someone else. Mitchell Talks and...