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The Youth Climate Rally in Oklahoma City joined with the Youth Climate Strike worldwide to bring attention to critical developments in climate change and government policy.

People of all ages joined young people in their concern for a future that will be livable when today’s youth grow old.

In fact, many young people at the rally were not sure they would be able to live into old age as their parents will be able to because of the growing climate crisis and the unwillingness of governments around the world to take action to stop it.

I want to live

Jacob Harrell held a sign that said, “I want to live as long as my parents.”

“If we can’t reverse what’s going on during this climate crisis, then I’m actually very concerned for the human race as a whole and for not only America’s population, but the population of the whole world,” Harrell told Free Press.

“And it is a fear and it’s something my mom and I have talked about a lot,” he said. “Will we be able to see her great-grandchildren? Will I be able to see my great-grandchildren? I really am worried that maybe I won’t live to be 60.”

Participants in the rally gathered to hear speeches by young people who warned that it is no longer a theoretical argument, but a present danger.

After several speeches, the group that had grown steadily for the first hour set out on a march that took them by the front of the Devon Energy tower and around downtown.

The following is a gallery from the rally. Click on any photo to view in a larger lightbox.

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