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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — After clearing out much of the interiors of the former City of Oklahoma City municipal courts and police headquarters, crews are now beginning to demolish the structures that residents have seen in that spot since the 1960s.

Explosives will not be used to remove the buildings because of their close proximity to the current Police Headquarters south across the street and the current Municipal Courts building to the north across the street. The new Police HQ was opened in 2015 and the new Municipal Courts building was opened in 2017.

At present, the oldest city police station (to the right in the feature photo and below) and smokestack (center of the feature photo) are not being demolished as a study continues on their possible redevelopment uses.

Police jail
The old OKC Police HQ and City Jail at N. Walker and Colcord has not been in use since the Oklahoma County Jail was built and is not planned for demolition. (file, BRETT DICKERSON/Okla City Free Press)

More parking?

The courts and the Oklahoma City Police Department have persisted in lobbying for the spot to be dedicated to parking for people who have business with the courts and the OKCPD.

And, both have pushed for the old, original police headquarters with the city jail on the top floors to be demolished along with the 1960s structures on the same bloc.

But, some on the OKC City Council and others have pushed back wanting to keep the oldest building on that block for redevelopment of some sort. They also consider it to have historical significance.

The parking idea itself has been in for some derision by residents who have already dubbed the surrounding area “the parking garage district” due to the proliferation of several multi-story parking garages. The area also has multiple surface parking lots.

And, some have suggested that instead of a surface lot a multi-story garage could be built on the spot using the lower-level hole that is already there where police vehicles were once parked.

For more background on the buildings being demolished and the oldest police station being kept see our report from August:

Former OKC Police HQ – Municipal Courts building being demolished

Free Press will continue to follow this story and report new developments.

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