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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — As 2021 draws to a close, now is the time that writers like me tend to look back on the “best ofs” from all throughout the year, and we’ve already seen many such retrospective pieces about OKC’s best restaurants for the year.

But I have to be honest: I never really returned to the restaurant scene at any point in 2021. Sure, there were a couple times back during the early summer (after vaccinations made the COVID situation seem like it was in a downward trend) where I cautiously popped back into some of my old favorite spots, but for the most part, the pandemic remained too unpredictable through the year, and I personally still didn’t ever feel comfortable being indoors without a mask.

Now with Omicron pushing case numbers up to previously unseen heights, I know that lots of people will be sharing my concern in the coming months. That’s why I’m here to sing the praises of my favorite food trucks from around the city, all perfect options for anyone wanting to order outdoors, grab some to-go’s, and enjoy what I assure you is some of OKC’s finest dining in the safety of your own home (or possibly in your car if you just can’t wait.)

Plato’s Provisions – 5050 N May Ave.

Plato’s bills themselves as an entirely “plant-based kitchen,” and while I make no effort to eat only vegetarian or plant-based foods, I also make no effort to avoid it the way some staunch veggie critics do.

food trucks
Plato Provisions in OKC

Believe me when I say that you could eat at Plato’s Provisions sight unseen and have no idea that they aren’t using real meat. I’m a sucker for a great, flavorful gyro, and theirs is one of my absolute favorites, meat or no.

Plato’s is unfortunately only open in their permanent spot on May Avenue on weekends, and they can admittedly be a little pricey compared to some others, but it’s worth it when you want to splurge on something that might shock you, particularly if you think that all vegan food has to be bland or boring.

Follow Plato’s Provisions at facebook.com/platosprovisionsco and Instagram @platosprovsionsco.

Taqueria Sanchez – 4011 NW 10th St.

Taco trucks in OKC are a dime a dozen, yes, but there are for sure some standouts scattered around, and for my taste buds, no other truck bests Tanqueria Sanchez.

food trucks
Taqueria Sanchez (by Randhier Ramharakh)

I’ve sampled countless taco trucks around the city, mostly within a short span as a number of former co-workers and I attempted to pinpoint the very best. While it’s expected that everyone will hold their own personal favorite, it was pretty unanimous that Sanchez was the clear winner.

The pastor is bold and well-spiced, the barbacoa is juicy beyond belief, and the salsa verde is pitch-perfect and seriously makes everything even better. But while some amazing tacos are the star, the real test of greatness will always be the simplest classics, and I don’t exaggerate when I say Taqueria Sanchez has some of the most delicious straight-up rice and beans I’ve ever had.

The Saucee Sicilian – Travelling

At this point, it’s probably passé to include the Saucee Sicilian among the best food trucks in Oklahoma. They’re about as well-known and well-loved as an eatery-on-wheels can possibly be, constantly winning prizes and TV appearances, but I promise the praise is deserved.

food trucks
The Saucee Sicillian OKC

If you’re one of the few that hasn’t yet sampled their spins on all the Italian classics, do yourself a favor and check out the perfectly simple Margherita pizza or the meatballs or pretty much anything else they do.

The thing that really sets Saucee Sicilian above so many others, though, is the generosity and good-natured attitude of owners Gannon and Angie Mendez. If, say, they’re catering your friend’s wedding and are doing only a specific, set menu of cheesy items, and you’re lactose intolerant, they’ll go out of their way to make you a focaccia, and it’ll be the best focaccia you’ve ever eaten, and yes, that is a true story.

Find out where The Saucee Sicilian will be showing up next at facebook.com/thesauceesicilian, Twitter @sauceesicilian, and Instagram @thesauceesicilian.

Hi-Fi Burger Shop – 301 W. Main St., Moore

Technically no longer strictly a food truck, as Hi-Fi now has a brick-and-mortar location to operate from, but they get special mention here for not only being some of the best burgers in a city of great burgers, but for stepping in to help some good people save face, and to help ensure that Moore has a great restaurant.

food trucks
Cheeseburger and cheese-chli fries (Hi-Fi Burger Shop)

After some tragic personal issues arising from the pandemic forced the closure of fan-favorite Fatty’s BBQ in Moore (a definite personal favorite of mine,) the Hi-Fi guys jumped in immediately to help the Fatty’s owners and to almost seamlessly transition the space over to Hi-Fi’s first-ever permanent location. In one swoop, they preserved the usefulness of a near-iconic Moore location, and guaranteed that Moore residents will still have a genuinely cool place to grab some fantastic food.

Keep up with all the new development and wild burgers from Hi-Fi Burger Shop at facebook.com/hifiburgershop and Instagram @hifiburgershop.

It’s a truly sad reality that the restaurant industry is changing so dramatically and still struggling so badly, and here’s hoping that we’ll all be able to gather around a table inside our favorite places soon enough in 2022.

Until then, rest assured that you can still get some of the city’s best food right on the side of the road.

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