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By the end of the first day of the three-day filing period, ten candidates filed for the nonpartisan four open seats on the City Council of Oklahoma City according to Oklahoma County Election Board records.

The first election will be February 9. If there is not a majority winner in any race the runoff will be April 13.

To learn more background on the City Council races coming up:

Races in Wards 1 and 3 on the west side of the City of Oklahoma City which reaches well over into Canadian County showed the most interest.

Four candidates filed for the Ward 1 seat on the northwest side and three candidates filed for the Ward 3 seat covering the southwest part of the city. The incumbents in those seats are not running for re-election.

As an illustration of just how expansive and complex the City of Oklahoma City is, two of the candidates for Ward 3 have Yukon postal addresses.

Two candidates are lined up for Ward 4, the other southside ward open this election cycle. The incumbent, Todd Stone from the suburban part of the ward will face a challenger, Sam Wargin Grimaldo from the more urban northern part of the ward who embraces his Hispanic culture.

So far, only the incumbent Nikki Nice has file for the eastside Ward 7 seat.

Candidates who filed by the end of Monday are:

Ward 1

Nana Abram Dankwa, 39, Oklahoma City
Megan Scott, 36, Oklahoma City
Jay Sherrill, 40, Oklahoma City
Shay Varnell, 45, Oklahoma City

Ward 3

Jessica Martinez-Brooks, 43, Oklahoma City
Allen Swanda, 60, Yukon
Barbara Young, 45, Yukon

Ward 4

Sam Wargin Grimaldo, 33, Oklahoma City
Todd Stone, 57, Oklahoma City, (incumbent)

Ward 7

Nikki Nice, 40, Oklahoma City

The filing period continues Tuesday and closes at the end of the day Wednesday, December 9.

Feature photo: Ward 1 candidate Megan Scott turns in her paperwork at the Oklahoma County Election Board Monday. (BRETT DICKERSON/Okla City Free Press)

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