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Three bids on the new Oklahoma City convention center project were opened Wednesday and the low bid was well below the budget of $194 million.

The low bid was $173 million, $20 million below the project’s construction budget.

David Todd speaking to the media bid
David Todd explains the bid process to the media at Okla City Hall Wednesday. BRETTDICKERSON/OKCFreePress

“It’s a very exciting time and that will be a spectacular place to be,” said David Todd, Oklahoma City MAPS program manager.

“Today’s the day that we’ve been looking for.”

“The MAPS 3 Convention Center is the largest project of MAPS 3 and the largest the city has undertaken,” said Todd.

The whole budget including construction, land acquisition and architectural work is $220 million.

The subcommittee will have to review the project and the bids again, but Todd believed that they will want to include all of the alternates since even with those the project would come in the $20 million below budget.

The corner of N. Robinson and the new Oklahoma Boulevard will become a very busy construction side starting in June.

“Once we get started with the Omni Hotel and the Convention Center there will be about $500 million of construction going on between those two projects, the new garage, the new park and the streetcar that comes right there at that corner,” Todd said.

Low bidder

FlintCo submitted the low bid for the project.

The three firms submitting bids were Flintco, J.E. Dunn, and Archer Western.

Todd told Free Press that Flintco’s base bid was $161 million and the bid for the base, plus alternates developed for the project came to the $173 million.

Flintco has offices in several states including Oklahoma where it has completed construction of several big projects.

The Chesapeake Arena, the Capitol Dome, and the University of Oklahoma football stadium renovation and expansion are a few of the many projects Flintco has completed in the metro.

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