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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — After six years on the Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) Board of Education, Carrie Copernoll Jacobs is stepping down as of Tuesday, June 7.

“I’ve had several serious life events happen and it’s really pulled me away from my ability to serve on the board. So I decided to step aside as I move out of the district,” Jacobs told Free Press.

“You know, it’s really sad for me because I love doing this,” she added saying that her family responsibilities came first.

Jacobs has deep feelings for the OKCPS board not only from the years she has served on the board, but because before she ran for the seat, she was the education reporter for The Oklahoman newspaper and covered the district and state education matters.

According to a resolution read at Monday’s board meeting, Jacobs first took the District 3 seat in February 2016.

Jacobs served in several capacities with during her time on the board. She was Vice-Chair in 2019-2020, Chair of the Operations Committee, Co-Chair of the Bond Committee.

The resolution credited Jacobs with creating the board’s Policy Committee soon after she was first elected. Over the years and especially in the first half of 2022 she led efforts to revise and streamline policies, some of which had not been revised in many years.

Jacobs is also credited with leadership in making the operational challenges of the alignment shifts in the Pathway to Greatness plan come together.

Appointment plan

The plan, as adopted by a unanimous vote Monday, reads as follows:

June 7, 2022 — Beginning of the Period for Submitting Resumes and Applications / Declaration of Candidacy Forms (Detailed information on submitting an application will be posted on the OKCPS Website www.okcps.org/domain/97 and other media outlets / platforms.)

June 21, 2022 — End of the Period for Submitting Resumes and Applications / Declaration of Candidacy Forms

June 22, 2022 — End of the Period for Submitting Resumes and Applications / Declaration of Candidacy Forms. The OKCPS Board will review all complete, timely submitted resumes and applications for the District 3 Board Seat (Election District) and may conduct candidate interviews in the Executive Session of a special Board meeting on this date.

August 5, 2022 — If not finalized on June 22, by no later than August 5, the OKCPS Board will complete all candidate interviews and appoint a person to fill the District 3 Board Seat (Election District) vacancy during a special Board meeting called for this purpose. The final selection / appointment shall take place no later than August 5, 2022.

Anyone with questions about the process should ontact Craig Cates, Board Clerk, (405) 587-0444, [email protected]

The person appointed to that seat will serve out the remainder of Jacobs’ term.

Other honoring resolutions

Long-term volunteer and leader in the district ANNA KING was honored with a resolution Monday.

King is a graduate of OKCPS having participated in many sports and other clubs receiving Athlete of the Year award at Capitol Hill High School.

Anna King
Anna King

Since 2005 King has served as a board member of the Douglass Law and Public Safety Academy, secretary and president of the Douglass High School Parent Teacher Student Association, president of the Oklahoma City Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Council, and president of the Oklahoma State PTA.

King has also been active in the National Parent Teacher Association, the largest child advocacy organization in the U.S. After having served in several leadership positions in that organization she is now president.

Each of the OKCPS board members said some king words about King, her leadership, and deep passion for children.

BETH HARRISON, outgoing Chief Communications Officer for OKCPS, was also honored after having served in various PR capacities in the district since 2016.

She was praised by Superintendent Sean McDaniel for having contributed key leadership in communications and strategic planning for the roll-out of the district-wide Pathway to Greatness inititative.

OKCPS Board members (L-R) Pres. Paula Lewis, and Gloria Torres are with Board Member Carrie Jacobs and outgoing Chief of Communications Beth Harrison, joined by Board members Lori Bowman, Adrian Anderson, and Mark Mann. (BRETT DICKERSON/Okla City Free Press)

Harrison was praised for her skill in leading communications efforts between the district and parents during the COVID pandemic lockdown to maintain a strong communications line to parents about meals distribution, virtual school, health and safety protocols, and many other efforts to stay connected with parents and students during one of the most challenging years in decades.

She has taken a position with The Gooden Group, an Edmond PR firm.

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