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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — Keats called autumn the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,” and while mellow might not be the right word quite yet, we have officially entered fall, and the temperature is cooler than it was, and that combined with a touch of COVID-related caution means the calendar is turned to patio season.

If you’re anywhere near the OCU campus, this is an even better time than usual to hit up Social Deck + Dining.

It’s a nice little space inside. I’ve enjoyed sitting at the bar since back in the day when this building housed Chae. But, the “Deck” in the name is probably a hint.

There’s a smaller outdoor seating area on the north side of the building, but I prefer the main patio abutting NW 23rd. The low, slightly reclined chairs are surprisingly comfortable and the quiet susurrus of passing traffic makes for effective white noise without drowning out conversation.

It’s dog-friendly, too. The overhead fans and screen to block the western sun are also appreciated, though presumably, they’ll be less needed in the coming weeks. Mists and mellow fruitfulness and all.

Whatever the weather is doing, the food is a strong draw all the livelong year. Fans of the most laid-back of meals should be on a “three-day weekend” type of mentality since Social serves brunch Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and the menu is filled with options from biscuits and gravy to chilaquiles to chicken tikka masala (seriously).

I’m particularly impressed by the corned beef hash, which elevates a dish with decidedly inelegant origins to something visually impressive as well as satisfyingly filling. These are no scraps and slivers of meat with an air of being trimmings or leftovers diced into near-unrecognizability.

These are hefty cuts of tender beef commingled with equally weighty hunks of potato and sweet potato, and the presentation. Those bigger bites heaped high in a cast-iron skillet and topped with two runny-yolked eggs and fried onion makes the dish feel genuinely substantial. It’s just a satisfying meal to eat your way through, particularly if you counterbalance its savor with an occasional bite of sweetness via the wild blueberry cake doughnut that should augment whatever you order.

When I asked Jaime Winteroth, co-owner with her husband Jordan, whether she would recommend anything else for next time, almost before I had finished the question she advised the baked eggs: poached eggs baked in a skillet with tomato sauce and lamb meatballs, topped with feta. They have such a following that they were added to the dinner menu by popular demand. But, if you’re visiting in the evening, Jamie speaks highly of the short rib risotto as well. Which, to be fair, does sound tempting.

I’ve seen Social described as “American Fusion,” and the menu does incorporate influences from Korean and Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Those baked eggs are basically a North African shakshouka.

I rather like the restaurant’s own description of “simple food done well,” though; “good” isn’t really a culinary genre but it’s a helpful consideration in choosing a dining destination. And if good is what you’re looking for in a variety of flavors, it’s on deck at Social. Best enjoyed with an ample side of Oklahoma’s autumn air.

Social Deck + Dining
1933 NW 23rd

Tuesday-Thursday 4-9pm

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