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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — Since late spring, crews that pick up bulky waste or “big trash” for the City of Oklahoma City have been behind on their schedules because of unusually high demand.

And, the longer days and nicer weather seem to have given residents new interest in cleaning up inside and out.

“Lots of folks took the opportunity when they were at home last year to begin lots of DIY house and landscape projects at home, to clear out all the junk in their houses,” said the OKC Utilities Department’s Jennifer McClintock in a Nextdoor thread. “We have seen a sharp increase in house materials as well as landscaping.”

Her post said that crews are noticing an unusually large quantity of tree and shrub debris from plant life that didn’t recover from the harsh winter and are working overtime and weekends to catch up.

Free landfill days

As a way of helping residents who want options besides waiting for crews to get to their neighborhood, the City is offering three free landfill days STARTING SATURDAY, July 31.

Participating landfills will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. one Saturday per month through September: July 31, Aug. 21, and Sept. 11.

The landfills are:

Customers must present an original, current Oklahoma City trash bill or copy of an e-bill as proof of eligibility.

Each residential household may drop off one load of household waste using a passenger vehicle or truck (up to 1-ton) and one trailer (up to 16 feet long). Commercial waste haulers are not allowed.

OKC’s regular bulky waste rules apply. 

Landfills will not accept household hazardous waste, tires, oil, car batteries, propane tanks, pool chemicals, electronic waste or any appliances containing Freon or other refrigerants.

In most years the City offers two free landfill days but because of the unusual circumstances, a third is being added to the schedule.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in our bulky waste set-out, said Solid Waste Superintendent Jim Linn. “We’re hoping these free landfill days will help provide an option for our customers who have excess bulky waste.”

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