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Politicians who put unequivocal faith in President Donald Trump are gambling with personal, professional and political reputations and our economic future.
Lankford, Inhofe, Stitt and Trump all failed us by not acknowledging the dangers of COVID-19 early and then advocating for “reopening” Oklahoma and the U.S.
The killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia two months ago is one more case of a broken system in which each level of criminal justice fails people of color.
We are seeing a systemic failure at every level of government when armed people can force municipalities and states to not enforce rules for public health.
Gov. Kevin Stitt’s purchase of $2 million worth of hydroxychloroquine is now the subject of an audit requested by state attorney general Mike Hunter.
Gov. Kevin Stitt’s administration is ready to crack down on employees who stay home out of concern for their health and safety.
Mayor David Holt's real concern for the health of Oklahoma City residents puts him in sharp contrast to Governor Kevin Stitt.
When the national death toll from coronavirus exceeded 50,000, Gov. Kevin Stitt opened barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, and pet grooming services.
It is too bad Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt's data is as incomplete as his actions to protect the people living in his state.
Oklahoma City Ward 1 Councilman James Greiner wants everyone out of their sweats and into their suits by the end of the month, COVID-19 be damned.