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Gov. Kevin Stitt is committing gubernatorial malpractice by refusing to mandate masks and it is driving Oklahoma toward the abyss.
When police and prosecutors overstep their authority, all citizens have a responsibility to speak up White or Black.
Trump’s rabid demagoguery at his July 3 Mount Rushmore rally painted everyone who does not support him as less than American and less than human.
Whenever President Donald Trump crows about his U.S. Department of Labor’s monthly jobs report, it is full of self-congratulations and empty of context.
In Oklahoma and throughout the nation, coronavirus illuminated a deep divide in the rights and privileges of workers.
With statewide numbers of new coronavirus cases doubling, Bynum and Holt have seemingly lost their nerve when it comes to a COVID-19 response.
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and others, including President Donald Trump, are gaslighting us about COVID-19 and it is endangering us all.
This weekend, an endlessly needy man-child will descend upon Tulsa and, after demanding never-ending fealty from his followers.
KWTV’s coverage of Oklahoma City’s Black Lives Matter protest Sunday came live from the fever swamps of arch-conservatism.
Tuesday, our nation crossed a tragic threshold as the number of deaths from coronavirus passed the 100,000 mark. But, the Republican Party has engaged in culture warfare against masks.