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Northwest Classen High School students are threatening a walkout Friday.

Students of the neighborhood high school in Oklahoma City Public Schools have been making the threat after a loved and trusted health teacher was put on administrative leave.

Students are saying NWC administrators walked the teacher to the door during the school day in front of students.

Courtney Morton with OKCPS Media Relations confirmed the teacher is Gregory Mills.

Morton sent this official statement:

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) was made aware of possible violations of board policy involving a teacher at NW Classen. This situation is now being investigated by OKCPS. As is routine in these situations, the teacher has been placed on Administrative Leave pending the result of the investigation. Because this is a personnel issue, we cannot provide any further comment at this time.

Students react

Various student accounts are that administrators walked the teacher out of the school with students watching.

“We are upset because he got suspended just for standing up for a student that was being bullied,” said one source in the student body at NW Classen.

They asked that we keep their name out of this story because they feared reprisals from administrators at the school.

Thursday, students informed Free Press that there may be a walkout Friday, Dec. 8.

A petition started circulating online to protest the move. [Printed here as it appears online.]

We as the student body of NWC will not stand teachers being suspended for caring about the students and our well being!

Mr. Mills has been fighting the administration to make our school safe, Fight for our student body’s rights, protects people, ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT HIS STUDENTS AND OUR EDUCATION! Due to recent event Mr. Mills has been escourted out of the building by Administration in front of students! Do You Stand in The Fight For The Best Teacher at NWC To Stay?


Students see administrators’ walking Mills out the door while they watched as an attempt to humiliate him.


It is the second time in three months that walking a leader of students out the door in front of students has happened.

In both cases students perceived an attempt to humiliate someone who had a passion for the students.

Sue Starr was principal of Northeast High School when a series of events involving student protests occurred.

Oct. 23, top administrators of the district walked her out of Northeast in front of students which made a bad situation worse between parents, students and OKCPS administration.

Starr remains on administrative leave as she and her attorney prepare for their hearing with the district in January.

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