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Right-wing activist Adam Modisette shoved left-wing activist Jess Eddy with both hands in a heated verbal exchange during a Jail Trust meeting January 4. It was supposedly over Modisette’s calling two black men the N-word during the meeting.

But, Eddy has declined to file a complaint. This comes after new Oklahoma County Undersheriff Jim Anderson told Eddy in a message that he had cause to file a complaint against Modisette for assault and battery.

Eddy, who is white, said in a news conference Thursday that he has declined to file a complaint against Modisette, also white, because the two black men who were the target of Modisette’s provocations didn’t want Eddy to do so.

None of those at the news conference have received any contact from Modisette even though he has been messaging one of them for two years. And, both say they have seen on social media where he has tried to justify his provocations.


The two black OKC activists apologized to the public for their emotional response to Modisette that set the whole thing off resulting in Modisette’s shoving Eddy.

Local rapper/activist Jabee Williams and activist Austin Mack say that Modisette referred to them with the N-word [meaning “nigger”] during the meeting which drew their response.

They were both regretful in the news conference and said they were glad a shove was the only violence that ended up happening and regretted being a part of the disturbance.

“The reason why we were there at the Jail Trust meeting is because of the conditions of the jail,” said Williams. “You know, I’ve spent time in jail there. And that’s not a place I want to send my worst enemy. And so, we know, we know how rough the criminal justice system can be to people. And so it was important that we didn’t do that.”

“I want to set an example and show that I’m not out here trying to be a disrupter,” Williams continued. “I’m not trying to be disrespectful to anybody. But at the same time … I want respect as well. And that’s all I ask for, especially as a black man — that’s the only thing I know how to be, is black.”

The only contact in the disturbance was Modisette’s shoving Eddy. Eddy stepped in to confront Modisette who jumped up and and cocked his arms as if to get ready to fight Mack and Williams.

I want to sincerely to the public apologize for my actions in the jail chose meeting the other day. But it’s just something about that the N-word, it gets to me,” said Mack. He said he grew up in an environment where he was taunted with the word by white kids.

“I’ve learned to be a bigger man and a better person to overlook trials and tribulations,” Mack said about that and other recent tests to his temper and patience.

Two years

Williams was not willing to say so in his prepared remarks at first, but in response to questions from Free Press, he said Modisette had been messaging him “for about two years” before the incident calling him out for several grievances Modisette had about Williams.

Then, once he heard Modisette call Mack and him the word, the two years of provocation spilled out in an emotional response that he now regrets.

Williams said that even though Modisette has been messaging him provocative texts for two years Modisette has not attempted to contact him about the scuffle.

The rage

Pastor Derrick Scobey of Ebenezer Baptist Church on the east side of the city spoke at the news conference, also. He said he wanted to “tip my hat” to each of the three young men who decided not to file a complaint for Modisette’s shove.

Scobey tried to put the situation in the larger context of being a black man in our society.

“We must understand in the African-American culture, when we hear that N-word, for most of us, it sends a rage through us, that most people can not imagine,” said Scobey. “It is such a disparaging word. And it means so many vile things that we’re not.”

He commended the three for making the decision saying that “if the roles were reversed, more than likely charges would have been filed against them.”

Call to interview

We were not able to contact Modisette Thursday afternoon. But, we will interview him for his perspective and report it later if he is willing. If you know him, encourage him to write to editor (at) freepressokc (dot) com to make arrangements to talk.

Video from Jail Trust meeting

The following is the Jail Trust meeting video from January 4 queued to the beginning of the disturbance.

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