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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — New information about the apparent drowning of Oluwatoyin Adewole Amuda, 18, in the Deer Creek area of northern Oklahoma County was released by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) Wednesday.

The area is often referred to as “Deer Creek” because of the Deer Creek Public School District that covers that part of the county. But, it is not an incorporated town or city.

The report by the responding deputies gives more details about the scene of Amuda’s death but leaves many questions unanswered as the OCSO investigation continues.

The state Medical Examiner’s office personnel were at the scene, joined the investigation, and took the body to the ME’s office. At publication, they had not released the official report. UPDATE — Later Thursday the ME’s office walked back an earlier statement to News9 that Amuda’s death was “accidental” and instead are saying that the cause of death is “pending” until a more thorough investigation is conducted.

Attempt to revive

UPDATE, June 24 — The OCSO released this 911 call that started emergency personnel on the way to the home where Amuda died.

The report shows OCSO deputies were first dispatched around 2:30 a.m. June 16 to a residence along Villagio Drive in a residential addition that circles Deer Creek Lake near Coffee Creek Road and N. Portland Avenue the northern part of Oklahoma County.

By the time the first deputy arrived, Deer Creek Fire Department and EMSA were already at the home and attempting to revive Amuda who had been “found in the pool unresponsive.”

After attempts to revive Amuda, a paramedic called the time of his death at 3:11 a.m.

According to the report, the responding deputy talked with Bradley Jay Rouse, identified as the homeowner.

Rouse said that he was asleep inside the home when his daughter Brooke came in and told him that a boy was in the pool.

Rouse told the deputy that when he went outside, he found “Riley Cooper and others” were bringing Amuda to the surface and laid him on the deck next to the pool.

Rouse told the deputy that he administered CPR until Deer Creek Fire Department arrived.

He also told the deputy that he had security cameras but they had not been working for about two years.

The report does not state how many were at the residence and who might have been near the pool when Amuda was discovered near the bottom.


The deputy asked Rouse if there was any alcohol there. Rouse said not to his knowledge.

But, when deputies started searching the back yard they found, according to their report,

  • Two empty beer cans on the hot tub
  • Small plastic vodka bottle,
  • Empty Jello package next to the vodka bottle,
  • Three areas about the pool where someone had vomited what looked like jello,

In the front, investigators found two plastic garbage dumpsters in the driveway “filled with empty beer cans and bottles of assorted liquor.”

Item found later

The report shows that about 12 hours later in the afternoon when deputies went back to the residence to retrieve Amuda’s car, Rouse came out and directed them to the backyard.

There, Rouse showed the deputy a small cigarette “with a burnt substance inside, which had an odor of burnt marijuana.”

It was taken and entered into evidence at OCSO.

OCSO spokesperson Aaron Brilbeck told Free Press that their investigation is ongoing.

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