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Two propositions will be decided Tuesday as City of Oklahoma City residents in four counties go to the polls in their precincts or at their election boards.

If both pass, the city charter would change to allow state and federal employees to serve on the City Council and the City would receive more revenue from its franchise agreement with Oklahoma Natural Gas.

For voting details and a link to the online voter tool go to the last section of this report.

Service on the Council

The election of Ward 2 Councilman James Cooper in February revealed the real-world effects of a current provision in Oklahoma City’s charter that prohibits state and federal employees as well as state and federal elected officials from serving on the Council.

Cooper had to resign his position as an Oklahoma City Public Schools teacher when he took the oath of office. All Oklahoma public school teachers are considered state employees.

If voters approve, Oklahoma City’s charter will allow state and federal employees like teachers and engineers to serve on the council, but will maintain language that prohibits state and federal elected officials like members of Congress, legislators and school superintendents from serving.

But, the change will only take effect after the next Council elections and not apply to current members of the Council.

If the charter amendment passes it will go to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt for review and signing because all cities and towns in Oklahoma exist by charter from the State of Oklahoma.

Passage of the change to the City’s franchise with Oklahoma Natural Gas would result in ONG paying hundreds of thousands more to Oklahoma City but would mean only a 0.10 increase. For example, a $100 gas bill would increase by only ten cents.

Voting information

All voters in the City of Oklahoma City limits registered by June 14 are eligible to vote in the election.

To quickly find your specific voter information go to the Oklahoma Election Board’s Online Voter Tool.

Registered voters in Oklahoma City limits of all parties may vote early Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at your respective county election boards listed below.

The City of Oklahoma City is so large that voters inside the city limits live in four counties.

Oklahoma County Election Board, 4201 N Lincoln Blvd., (405) 713-1515
Cleveland County Election Board, 641 E Robinson Street (Suite 200) in Norman, (405) 366-0210
Canadian County Election Board, 200 S Bickford Ave. in El Reno, (405) 422-2422
Pottawatomie County Election Board, 14101 Acme Road in Shawnee, (405) 273-8376.

The unique situation of having an early voting day on a national holiday gives some voters more opportunity to make it to their county election board.

Election day is Tuesday, July 9, at your regular polling station from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Voters who have disabilities can find more information about voter assistance in Oklahoma at ok.gov/elections.

State law requires proof of identity to vote. Acceptable forms of ID are a voter ID card, driver’s license or another form of ID issued by the federal government, state government or federally recognized tribal government. Voters may also cast a provisional ballot by proving their identity with a signed, sworn affidavit, which is available at the polling station.

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