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Cyndi Munson, state representative in Oklahoma City’s House District 85, announced Thursday that she will run for the seat again in 2018.

“I’m ready to continue to be your voice at the State Capitol,” said Munson in a campaign email. “I will continue my work to help turn Oklahoma around.”

She listed several problems facing the state she wants to help solve in a third term:

  • We rank first in cuts to public education over the past decade.
  • 49% of women in Oklahoma will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.
  • Budget cuts have slashed funding for programs and services that support children, the elderly and adults requiring in-home support.


Munson has considerable experience campaigning for the short time she has been in the legislature.

She has conducted three grueling door-to-door campaigns just since the 2014 regular election winning the last two. The 2018 campaign will make her fourth.

Her secret?

“It’s no secret,” she told Free Press. “It’s a lot of determination to get to know the people of the district and the self-discipline to get up and do it every day.”

Many campaigns

She ran against Republican incumbent David Dank and lost in the November 2014 election.

But Dank’s shocking sudden death only months later set in motion another campaign.

Munson won in a special election July 2015 against the well-connected, heavily-funded Republican Chip Carter.

The youthful Democrat was a national celebrity in liberal circles after the win because the district was firmly in the hands of Republicans for decades in one of the reddest states in the U.S.

Indeed, the seat was Oklahoma Republican Governor Mary Fallin’s first state office in a long political career that took her from HD 85 to Lt. Governor, then U.S. Representative, then to two terms as governor.

Munson’s third door-to-door campaign started up again for the regular election November 2016 when she won against Republican Matt Jackson.

HD 85 is in the center of the north side of the metro taking in neighborhoods that wrap around Lake Hefner and near Penn Square Mall.

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