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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — Maybe you don’t celebrate the Christmas holiday. Maybe you’ll be celebrating alone or with just a few friends this year. Maybe you’re a terrible cook and you’d much rather enjoy something more tasty for the holidays than what would come out of your own oven.

Whatever the reason, there are loads of people that will be hungry this Saturday and looking for a delicious and fun meal out on the town rather than sweating it out in their home kitchen and cramming around the table.

Here’s a rundown of some fantastic restaurant options that should have something for whatever you’re craving when so many other places are closed for the day.

Polk’s House – 2319 N. Lottie Ave

On any given day, Chef James Polk and the Polk’s House crew are cooking up massive helpings of the most classic comfort and soul foods around with daily changing special meals absolutely piled high with sides and with flavor. On special occasions, though, they pull out all the stops on some seriously celebratory dinners, and this Christmas will be no different.

Polk's House
Polk’s House food by Mistyday H. (Yelp)

This Saturday evening, Polk’s House is featuring a soul food feast you’re unlikely to find anywhere outside of your grandma’s kitchen, with chitterling, hog maws, pork chops, pig feet, collard greens and more.

For many, this is as traditional as a Christmas Day dinner comes, and they’ve got you covered if you’re looking to take your family out for the night and let a superhero chef do the cooking for you.

Chow’s – 3033 N. May Ave.

Chinese is usually the staple for a restaurant meal on December 25th for those that don’t celebrate the holiday, and Chow’s has become a staple of Chinese food for even the most discerning OKC eaters.

Chow’s by Yvonne T. (Yelp)

They’ll nail all your favorite classics with their cashew chicken, kung pao, and pepper steak, but Chow’s is beloved for offering some real Hong Kong cooking featuring everything from udon to pork intestine to traditional clay pot casseroles, and for an extensive Cantonese-style seafood menu with oysters, salted fish, and ginger lobster.

Saffron Cuisine of India – 3627 N. Portland Ave.

With a menu featuring a huge selection of veggie entrees, veggie curries, and veggie fried rice, there might be no better option for vegetarian diners on the 25th.

Saffron by Alan G. (Yelp)

Saffron showcases one of the larger Indian menus you’re likely to find (unsurprising as they’re also a grocery store) with plenty of traditional biryanis and curries accompanying everything from chicken and shrimp to goat, lamb, and mutton.

There’s also a wonderful dessert selection if you want to celebrate the day with sweet delicacies like mango cake, sweet pan, or the rich, milky gourd-and-nut dish kaddu ka kheer.

Guyutes – 730 NW 23rd St.

Maybe you’re not just looking for a place to have a quiet, solid meal on the 25th. Maybe you’re looking for drinks and music and some wild, creative dishes all fried and smothered in all kinds of cheese and sauces and whatnot.

If so, then Guyutes is your destination.

Guyutes by Michelle G. (Yelp)

Not just a crazy hangout spot for Deadheads, Phish fans, and late-night hungry stoners, Guyutes has developed into a community hub for anyone sloughing off traditions, especially on the big holidays.

More than anything, though, they take their food seriously (wacky names aside) with house-made pesto, beet hummus, chimichurri, blackened salmon, and their signature, “The Guyute,” a perfect holiday dinner of spicy, honey-glazed braised pork belly.

Denny’s – Everywhere

I mean, it’s Denny’s. They never close.

Like a reliable old friend, Denny’s will be there if you’re alone for the holidays, if you need a simple, affordable, and quiet meal, or if you’ve burned the turkey to a crisp and need a last-minute solution while the smoke in your house clears out.

No matter where you decide to go, if you’re eating out this holiday, remember that above all else, the staff and crew at these places are working on a major holiday and have been working through an ongoing global pandemic and recession. Make sure you tip them well and show them the kindness that the holiday season deserves.

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