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Superintendent Aurora Lora has resigned her position with Oklahoma City Public Schools.

In a news release sent just after noon Tuesday, Chief of Communications Beth Harrison said Lora turned in her resignation Tuesday morning.

“A timeline as to when her resignation will take effect is still pending,” said Harrison.

Rebecca Kaye, chief of staff, will head the district as the board begins a search for a replacement.

She announced that media access for comment won’t be until after the special meeting of the board Tuesday evening starting at 6:15.

The district website has posted a message from Chair of the Board of Education Paula Lewis and Lora’s long resignation letter.

Lora’s statement hinted that changes to the board in the last election may have been a factor.

Our board has gone through some transitions during my time here and I believe that it is now time for me to step aside and allow you to come together as a team to find a leader that will be right for you as a new board.

The rest of the letter was a listing of what Lora believes to be her accomplishments during her one and one-half years as superintendent.

Lora originally came to the district under Superintendent Rob Neu and was elevated to superintendent after his resignation.

She has been under fire from her principals, teachers, and parents during her tenure.

The recent attempt to fire popular and experienced Principal Sue Starr from Northeast High School was the latest in a series of actions that caused doubt among parents and students in the district.

Shortly before the hearing for Starr’s firing, the district and Starr agreed for her to become a roving principal to fill in for other principals out for sickness or conference attendance.

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