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A spokesperson with Oklahoma City Public Schools denies that Superintendent Aurora Lora is on administrative leave and says she is on a combination of vacation and professional leave.

Questions are circulating on social media about the whereabouts of Aurora Lora.

Some have openly asked if Lora is on administrative leave.

This comes during her annual evaluation by the district’s Board of Education and one day before a special meeting of the board for the purpose of doing more evaluation work on the superintendent.

The board spent approximately one hour of four evaluating Lora at their last meeting, which was a work session.

In response to our emailed questions, Chief Communications Officer Beth Harrison said Lora “is currently away from the office.”

“As is typical, during her absence, Chief of Staff Rebecca Kaye serves as the primary point of contact for District leadership matters.”

In response to our direct question about Lora’s status as she is away, Harrison said, “Her time away is a combination of both vacation and professional leave.”

Harrison said Lora is expected to return to the office Monday, Feb. 5.

In a phone follow-up, we asked Harrison directly if Lora is on administrative leave.

Her answer was “no.”

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