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Current calendar adjustments

In response to the ongoing teacher walkout a cross the state, the Oklahoman City Public Schools Board of Education will take possible action on the current year’s school calendar to make adjustments to the remainder of the school year.

Sovereign Community School

A group proposing the Sovereign Community School charter school has appealed the board’s denial of their application February 12. Their renewed application will be heard Thursday.

Nichols Hills Elementary

Nichols Hills Elementary has applied for enterprise school status. The board will consider their application.

In 2017 Free Press ran a series of reports on the district’s three long-standing enterprise schools.

MOU with city

Terms and and conditions in a memorandum of understanding with the Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust is up for consideration.

The total amount offered by the trust is $15 million. It includes $10 million for the new administration building at 615 N. Classen, $2.5 million for repair of the Operations Center campus, $1.3 million to move the district IT center and servers, and $1.2 million to develop a long range master plan.

Money is to be reimbursed to the district after completion of different parts of the project.

The meeting will be at 5:30 p.m, Northeast High School Auditorium, 3100 N. Kelly Ave.

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