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This letter is by Christopher Johnston, a military veteran and activist in Oklahoma County.

As you can see, Oklahoma is changing.

Her people are rising off of their knees and fighting back. We now are seeing police officers who murder in cold blood being held accountable. We are seeing a man who was never given a fair trial 21 years ago be given that chance to prove his innocence.

The way of order from which you all know and perpetuate will go extinct like the dinosaurs. Oklahoma has had enough of hypocrisy and cruelty and it is time that corruption and wickedness be cast into the trash heap of history.

Last year I spoke of 2020 being the eleventh hour and that we still have time to fix things at the end of the year trust meeting. The clock now has struck twelve and time is up.

As you know, The Oklahoma Coalition Against People Abuse has filed an intent to sue if our demands are not met. We issued a set of twelve demands that must be met.

The Oklahoma Coalition Against People Abuse demands:

  1. The inmate population be reduced from more than 1700 inmates down to 1200 which is the maximum number of humans designed to be housed in that jail.
  2. Inmates receive their medications on time and not be given when staff decide they should have them, but by the strict timeline they should receive them and that medical professionals monitor that process.
  3. All inmates be allowed out of the cells for exercise at least one hour a day.
  4. They be given at least three showers a week.
  5. Bedbugs and gnats be cleared out of the jail.
  6. They be given access to psychological services to help them cope with confinement or other issues.
  7. The mold be cleared up in the kitchen and everywhere in that jail.
  8. Inmates with drug addiction have access to drug counselors.
  9. Inmates confined inside each cell be reduced from three to two inmates per design of the jail.
  10. An independent agency investigates every single case of brutality and death. And any county official regardless of their status be tried to the fullest extent of the law if they are found guilty of committing acts of brutality.
  11. All inmates be provided rehabilitative services, such as education, job skills training, interviewing skills, and other wrap around case management services to help rehabilitate and prevent that human being from reentering this jail.
  12. That Immigration Customs Enforcement commonly called ICE be removed immediately and permanently from this jail.

If these demands are not met within 90 days from February 27, 2021 which will be May 28, 2021 then we will file a federal civil rights lawsuit.

It is time we fix the problems we have in that facility and run our jail according to the law and with morality. Not one item short or the very next day we file our lawsuit and settle this in federal court.

These are not requests that we are begging for but demands that will happen. We aim to clean up our county jail and abolish the felony murder law (where if you are involved in a robbery or some other crime and the police murder another person involved in that crime you the person who did not fire the gun is charged with murder).

What they are trying to do to Wyatt Cheatham. Anyone with any conscience can see that is a blasphemy of justice and the evil stench of hypocrisy.

This year in our state we will convict Stavian Rodriguez’s and Benny Edwards’s murderers, free Wyatt Cheatham, free Julius Jones, start the process to destroy the felony murder law, and clean up our jail. No expenses or efforts will be spared. The line has been drawn and it is high time you start running things according to our Constitution.

This is not a game and we are not bluffing. It would behoove all of you to listen to the people, for the clock is ticking. This is Oklahoma’s reckoning. The revolution that will bring The New Order. All Power to All The People!!

Christopher Johnston, spokesman for The Oklahoma Coalition Against People Abuse.

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