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Christopher Johnston is a military veteran and activist in Oklahoma County.

My name is Christopher Johnston and we met at the last jail trust meeting. I know that was a wild day for you. You were sworn in by your friends and then welcomed by the people.

I am fully aware Mr. Calvey has probably talked about us to you and filled you false information. No, we are not the bad guys or terrorists or other inaccurate phrases he has used. Yes, we are a little unorthodox and we are not like many activists in our state who use the method of begging and turning the other cheek. We actively fight to make substantive change and aim to lock up corrupt officials in the process.

We were able to pull out over $20 million from this trust that was plotted out in a conspiracy where the intent was to steal federal aid by folks on this trust and give it to who needed it. The people struggling. Lawsuits, rallies, etc. We stop at nothing until justice is done. We are a family and we protect our own.

Now I am reaching out to you because I believe that you have goodness and reason within you. First, some of the criticism you received was unfair. I believe that people’s families must be left out of the battlefield.

Last meeting was tense and people who I love and who I call my family expressed legitimate pain, betrayal, and anger. Whether it was towards you or our conservative family. And their anger was justified. Anger is a natural feeling. We as humans get angry for several reasons but mostly due to betrayal or the feeling of it.

Sheriff Johnson, my family and I felt betrayed.

You are a black man who ran a campaign with white nationalist rhetoric, take pictures with Mr. Calvey who is connected to a nationally known hate group, said systemic/institutional racism is not real, and were welcomed by three white nationalists in the front row cheering you on and several others in the audience. I do hope you can grasp how that looks. How it hurts. How a million other questions are placed upon your feet that must be answered immediately.

The reality is, whether you believe it or not, racism in all of its forms are matters of record and can not be rationally disputed no matter how much mental acrobatics you or others try to conjure up. You will hear me reference throughout the years you will get to know me as this being a war. Because it is and must be fought like one.

Our weapons are the facts, the law, and reason. And yes I mean years. We are the type of people that follow through with our convictions. And you can engage in conversation with us. Because other members of this trust do and to my knowledge, there is nothing in your indenture or any other document that states you have to remain silent. Mr. Calvey is not in control. He does not run everything. I do hope we can engage in dialogue with one another and that also includes members of my activist family.

In conclusion, The member of this trust that you seem to be in a lot of pictures with is connected to a hate group and has fanned the flames of insurrection. Actively stating in November on social media that essentially states that there were illegal votes.

No evidence at all to support those claims. At all. And he and his fans on his page continue to spout out vitriol towards folks who do not think like him and utter lies about election fraud. You are in bed with some very bad people sir who are the enemies of this country.

The FBI is tracking all elected officials who called for insurrection and concerned patriots are taking a stand against this evil and are obliging the FBI’s efforts to help protect this country. I take my oath I took to my country many years ago seriously. I will stop at nothing to fight the enemies of this country.

I hope that you are willing to work with the people of this county for they are not all white supremacists or corrupt politicians. Most of us are good and decent people. And we the decent people will stop at nothing to restore righteousness to our state. I want to work with you in helping this county but will stop at nothing to remove you if you are corrupt and wicked.


Christopher Johnston

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