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The Board of County Commissioners discussed possible solutions to non-reimbursement from the state for the Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center Wednesday.

Detention Center

District 1 Commissioner Carrie Blumert brought an item for contracting with MGT Consulting to study and develop an updated daily rate for incarcerating children at the Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center (OCJDC).

Currently there is no reimbursement contract between the County and the OJA.

How the sausage gets made

Local government according to columnist Marty Peercy

OJA has been reimbursing the county at a decade-old rate close to $91.60/child/day until the contract expired on June 30, 2019. Eighty-five percent of the current rate would be $162.12, but there is no current contract, so there is no reimbursement at all.

Getting these rates updated is necessary to get the reimbursement at an appropriate statutory level.

Daily rates for incarceration at the OCJDC are currently estimated based on a study from several years ago. The daily rate is somewhere in the area of $190.77 per child per day. That includes staffing, food, education, therapeutic services, and exercise activities.

The Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) reimburses the County for incarceration of children at the OCJDC at a rate set statutorily at 85%.

The picture is considerably more complicated than that, however. It is statutorily illegal for the County to spend Ad Valorem tax dollars on state purposes. That means that when children in the OCJDC have been adjudicated and are awaiting a bed in a state detention facility, the OJA is required to reimburse the County for the full amount of their stay at OCJDC.

Other business

District 1 Commissioner Carrie Blumert brought an item for an agreement for assistance between the County and Millwood Public Schools. The county will provide labor and equipment for building a dirt building pad for the future site of a new athletic facility.


District 2 brought a resolution to recognize the work of local non-profit organization Water 4. Water 4 is an Oklahoma City-based NPO that works to achieve sustainable water resources in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world.

Another resolution was introduced to recognize Sue Ann Arnall of the Arnall Family Foundation for her work in the community. The resolution referred to Arnall’s leadership in criminal justice reforms and mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

Arnall was invited to make remarks and used that opportunity to thank the Commissioners for their willingness to work together with her on these issues.

Chief Deputy of District 3, Myles Davidson, sat in for Commissioner Kevin Calvey for most of the meeting, as Calvey was stuck in traffic following an accident on I-44.

Davidson introduced a reduction in the speed limit from 55mph to 45mph on Coffee Creek Road between Hiawassee Road and Choctaw Road. This reporter was the only person in the room who celebrated the news.

Davidson also introduced a resolution to reassure employees of the Oklahoma County Detention Center that they would enjoy a continuity of benefits when the Jail Trust takes over operation of the Jail. For the second week in a row, the resolution did not pass muster in the estimation of the District Attorney’s office, and so was stricken from the agenda.

More Resolutions!

The Juvenile Bureau brought a resolution to recognize donations made by community members to the OCJDC. These included County Assessor Larry Stein’s office donating food items for an Ice Cream Sundae party. At said party, award winning musician County Clerk David B. Hooten performed for the children at the Center.

The week of September 15-22 has been named Detention Center Officers Week.

J’me Overstreet, Juvenile Bureau Director brought a resolution to recognize the dedication and service of the detention officers and employees of the OCJDC. About a dozen employees of the OCJDC were present in their uniforms of logo-bearing polo shirts and khakis. The Commissioners took an opportunity for photographs with the employees.

Social Service Grants

A second round of County grants to social services were authorized as follows:

  • Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center, $8,000
  • City Care, $26,000
  • Metropolitan Better Living Center, $9,000
  • Positive Tomorrows, $8,500

Public Buildings Authority

When the Board of County Commissioners adjourned and reconvened as the Public Buildings Authority, the previous meetings minutes were approved and the routine item of claims were approved and the body adjourned.

In a word, sensational.

These bodies will meet again on September 25 at 9:00am.

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