In the Earth

Horror film ‘In the Earth’ focused on the savagery of sensation

Ben Wheatley’s In the Earth revels in the bad vibes of isolation. This film will show at the Tower Theatre Friday and Wednesday.

‘Promising Young Woman’ takes dead aim at misogyny

Promising Young Woman by writer-director Emerald Fennell excels as a pitch-black revenge comedy and as blunt-force social commentary.

All eyes on Taylor-Joy in Oscar-nominated ‘Emma.’

At OkC Museum of Art, Autumn de Wilde’s directorial debut adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. is showing the weekend of April 10-11.

‘Cicada’ applies a doc aesthetic to its fictionalized same-sex romance

Director Matt Fifer and writer Sheldon D. Brown created and star in "Cicada", a gorgeously ragged version of their own lives as young gay men.
music and film

Oscar nominee ‘Another Round’ takes day drinking to its logical extreme

George Lang reviews "Another Round" showing this weekend at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Also, see what's going on in OKC in music and film.
Tower Theater during dC

deadCenter Film launches online courses for students 6-8 grades

A new self-paced program for students 6th - 8th grade is being launched by deadCenter Film as it expands year-round offerings.
Museum Town

Museum Town shows how art transformed a New England industrial center

George Lang takes us closer to the documentary Museum Town and explores the many aspects of the transformation of a former factory town.
Jabee Williams

‘New Year, New Justice’ chronicles Jabee’s pilgrimage for Julius Jones

"New Year, New Justice" chronicles Oklahoma City rapper Jabee's pilgrimage to MacAlister in support of death row inmate Julius Jones.

Oklahoma-shot Minari depicts an immigrant family’s life acclimating

George Lang reviews a new film shot in Oklahoma about an immigrant family's experiences adjusting to life in the Midwest.
Tower Theatre

Tower Theatre rebuilds, fires up projectors after nine-month COVID closure

Just when the 83-year-old Tower Theatre was making it's comeback, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and changed all the rules.