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WARR ACRES, Okla. (Free Press) — UPDATED — A reported shooting in the 7300 block of N. MacArthur near the Northwest Expressway sent Warr Acres Police Department (WAPD) officers scrambling to find suspects Wednesday afternoon.

Update: WAPD confirmed Thursday that there was an individual that received a gunshot wound, was taken to the hospital, and has since been released.

Major John Gray, deputy chief with WAPD, told Free Press around 4:45 Wednesday that it was an ongoing investigation. He confirmed they had a person of interest in custody but at that point in the day, they had stopped looking for a second person.

Update: Gray told Free Press Thursday that they now believe the individual they took into custody was a witness and not the perpetrator and so they released the individual later Wednesday. The investigation continues.

The spokesperson was not willing to say immediately or the next day whether it happened inside of one of several small businesses near that address or outside in one of the parking lots.

Oklahoma City Police officers, the OKCPD K-9 unit, and Air One had been called in to help with the search.

We observed officers from both agencies searching the area on foot and in vehicles as Air One continued to circle.

Update: Publicly available flight records show that OKCPD Air One (helicopter) was in the air for over an hour to assist WAPD in the search.

This comes after Warr Acres had two shootings in March alone.

According to news reports on those March shootings, one woman was shot in her car and another was shot later in March near her residence requiring an emergency C-section. Both the baby and the mother survived the attack.

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