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Kelsey Pierce, Oklahoma City bike rider who was stopped by OKCPD Officer James Herlihy Oct. 19 and given questionable treatment, met for a second time with department representatives Thursday.

Pierce has filed a complaint against the officer for what she considered rough treatment when the officer was investigating calls of suspicious bike riders around NW 21st and Dewey in Midtown.

Free Press covered the original story in-depth and provided documents and video HERE.

According to Pierce and her attorney Bryce P. Harp, they discussed the situation further with the original lieutenant who first met with them.

This time there was a second officer present in the meeting who is tasked with doing the official investigation into what happened.

Pierce and Harp said the meeting involved many more questions, but had not real conclusion since the investigation is still underway.

These video interviews were conducted minutes after the two police representatives left the building:

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