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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — The Oklahoma City Pride Alliance parade had sunny weather this time but perhaps too sunny even in the morning Saturday.

The Parade was an attempt to make up the parade that had to be postponed at the end of June because of lightning and storms. The rest of the Pride Festival downtown centered on Scissortail Park went on with sizable crowds and plenty of enthusiasm.

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OKC Pride Festival stays on schedule after weather knocks out parade

But, what would have been perhaps thousands at the end of June to kick off the Pride Alliance Festival involved a few hundred Saturday who were nonetheless enthusiastic.

Ryan Tomlinson with the OKC Pride Alliance told Free Press that calling off the parade during the festival was “devastating” but the LGBTQ+ “community was very supportive and understanding and nothing but great.”

“Thankfully, we have such great community partners, and support in the community that rallied around and really helped us pull everything together,” said Tomlinson.


The shade of the buildings around Fred Jones Avenue between Sheridan and Main and a DJ created a relaxed crowd gathering before the parade.

We talked with several who were there waiting for the parade to start.

Partners Stacey Hendley and Cynthia Long were already set up on Sheridan Avenue in the shade waiting for the parade.

They both said it is always fun to come out and support public expressions of pride in the community.

Were they old enough to remember when being out was a dangerous thing?

“Oh, yeah,” said Hendley. “I remember when I got jumped by seven guys once just for being gay.”

“I remember in junior high and high school it was something that you just didn’t talk about or acknowledge,” added Long. “You just didn’t do it.”

OKC Pride Alliance Parade
The Deinhardt family made sure they attended the Pride Parade out of general support and to support family members. (BRETT DICKERSON/Okla City Free Press)

John and Lindsay Deinhardt brought their three children and participated.

“I’m here just to support inclusion and diversity, obviously,” said Lindsay. “And, you know, we have family that I know, and we need to support them and to show them our love and support.”

John added that that they were there to fully support that they “love everyone.”

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