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OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — Maybe it’s because we were all stuck inside and sheltering in place this time last year, or maybe it’s because the weather has consistently been closer to a warm Spring than to the usual Winter, but Oklahoma City is jumping this holiday season with a slew of events and activities primed to get us all out of our houses and back into the spirit.

To help you plan your moments of fun and leisure between the shopping and year-end stresses, we’ve put together a handy daily guide to holiday hotspots around OKC, featuring some of our favorite places from throughout the year.

“White Christmas” – Rodeo Cinema Stockyards – December 18th & 19th 

The inimitable Christmas classic, starring two of the most ubiquitous seasonal singers in history, will be gracing the Rodeo screen on back-to-back nights. It’s a classic for a reason, and one that still draws crowds both young and old for its tale of unexpected friends and unforeseen detours in the name of love and holiday help. 

Better yet, these are billed as “sing-a-long” screenings, so feel free to let loose and belt it out to drive the winter blues away (and remember, Rodeo offers both alcohol and coffee to help get you in that crooning mood.)

“Santa’s Slay” – Rodeo Cinema Film Row – December 18th 

If nostalgic holiday sing-a-longs aren’t your kind of fun, maybe what you need is a bloody, Christmas-themed slasher of the absolute craziest and most ridiculous variety. Rodeo’s comfortable, intimate Film Row location has you covered with 2005’s “Santa’s Slay,” starring none other than WWE’s Bill Goldberg as a not-so-jolly St. Nick. 

See, it turns out that Santa Claus is actually the son of the devil and he lost a bet to an angel that forced him to give gifts to children for 1000 years. Now his duty is fulfilled and he’s making up for lost time with a worldwide Christmas killing spree. 

And if all of that isn’t insane enough for you, just wait until you see pro-wrestling Santa beating up on-screen legend James Caan.

“The Muppet Christmas Carol” – Tower Theatre – December 20th

There might be no cast of characters more beloved across all ages than the Muppets, just as there may be no holiday story more widely known and often retold as Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” 

There are too many movie versions of the story to count, and there are at least three or four that are all classics in their own right, but more than a few writers and critics have made the case that the Muppets version, with all the wacky humor it brings, might actually be the best. It’s difficult for a film to ever effectively capture the wit, whimsy, and wonder of Dickens’ holiday staple, but the Muppets can bring wonder to any story, and any age. 

And who could ever ask for a better Scrooge than Michael Caine? 

If you have kids, bring them along, get yourself a drink, and make sure this movie is part of their Christmas tradition, and even if you don’t have kids, make it part of yours.

“PB & Jazz” – Ponyboy – December 21st

Maybe you’ve had enough of Christmas movies, or maybe you just need a space to chill, enjoy some cocktails, and unwind in the middle of the holiday rush. Ponyboy has you covered with their December “PB & Jazz” night. It’ll be an evening loaded with the best jazzy renditions of seasonal standards from an unbeatable band led by jazz wunderkind Kendrik McKinney and featuring one of the most awesome and impressive bassists around, Rei Wang.

Special mention of Ponyboy’s current holiday cocktail menu for anyone wanting to take the edge off their December for a night. Who doesn’t love a rich, boozy hot chocolate with their Christmas jazz?

New Year’s Eve – Centre Bistro at OKCMOA – December 31st

We know you’re still just trying to make it through Christmas without ripping your hair out, but it’s not too early to plan for New Year’s Eve, especially when Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s newly unveiled Centre Bistro is hosting an awe-inspiring NYE dinner. 

Deviating from the concept’s regular counter-service style, this one-time, five-course celebration has been designed to be worthy of its placement among great works of art, with short rib, sweet onion tart, and pickled shrimp cocktail all making appearances throughout the fixed menu. 

Most intriguing, though, is easily the amuse-bouche of “maple cotton candy wrapped fried chicken.” If you’re eager to taste something combining that many delicious words, you’ll have to make reservations for the big night right now.

Check out schedules, pricing, tickets, reservations, and all other info for these events and more at rodeocinema.org, towertheatreokc.com, ponyboyokc.com, and okcmoa.com.

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