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In a videoconference Monday the Jail Trust heard a report that so far there have been no COVID-19 positive tests either at the Jail or for those hospitalized.

The Trust also took up other business of approving a new logo for the Jail, new mission and vision statements. Members heard a report that so far there should be no mass exodus of current jail employees once the Sheriff hands off the Jail to the Trust.

How the sausage gets made

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Mission and Vision

CEO of the Jail Trust, Greg Williams, gave a presentation on the newly settled upon Mission, Vision, and Values of the Detention Center.

The Mission of the Trust and Detention Center is, “To provide protection through efficient and effective services and intervention leading to no victimization, and more personal growth and development.” The original statement said “less victimization,” but the Trust shrewdly reconsidered and “no victimization” prevailed.

The Vision statement emphasizes safety and efficiency, noting that the safety of the community of Oklahoma County is the top priority for the Trust and Jail.

The Vision statement was accompanied by a list of ideas valued by the Trust and Jail including, “the system of laws that govern us,” and “courtesy, respect, and dignity.” The values were rounded out with ideas of hard work and cooperation.

New Logo

A new logo for the Jail was revealed. The logo features a bison, the Osage Shield, and two stalks of wheat representing strength, tradition, and rebirth.

It is, in the opinion of this reporter, a pretty sharp looking logo for a Jail.


Coronavirus Response

Captain Bradley, one of the Jail Administrators, gave an update of the Sheriff’s Office response to Covid-19.

The response in the Jail began at the beginning of March and the staff has been following the recommendations of the federal, state, county, and city leadership.

Bradley stated that leadership within the Sheriff’s Office is now concentrating on maintaining safety while also working to phase in reopening recommendations as they come from authorities to bring in the “new normal.”

So far, there have been no positive cases in the County Jail among people tested in the jail and those tested at the hospital. One cadet trainee tested positively, but that cadet never made it to the jail and the cadet’s peers were likewise quarantined to prevent any spread.

Much of the updates to policy will be contingent upon the Court’s reopening and what kind of precautions are mandating regarding the transport of people from the Jail proper to the Courthouse.

Transition Update

CEO Greg Williams gave a presentation on tasks being finished in preparation for the transition of the jail from the Sheriff’s Office to the Trust.

Williams said that the new HR Director has been collecting data from current jail staff to determine what kind of staff retention the Trust will be facing. So far, only four responses to the survey have said they will definitely not be staying. Other responses are largely stating that staff will remain in their current positions.

The Sheriff has two more training academies planned for the coming months, meaning that the Trust will need to have a plan for a new training academy by the end of June

Williams closed his presentation by saying there were only 58 days left before the transition. “Maybe more… maybe less.”

With a July 1st transition on the near horizon, vendor contracts will still need to be finalized, as well as a clearer picture of appropriate staffing for the Jail facility. Most of this work is being done behind the scenes for now.

The next scheduled meeting of the Jail Trust is June 1, though there may be an emergency meeting on May 18 if the need arises.

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