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Coverage and reviews of music in Oklahoma City


Jarvix explores the marine multiverse on new EP “OnlyFish”

Brett Fieidcamp delves into music by Jarvix, one of Oklahoma City's musicians who has a new EP coming out!

OKC shoegazers Neon Cathedral launch short-but-sweet debut EP

Neon Cathedral began life as an outlet for the darker musical tendencies of Shirley Sanders and Shawn Stafford. Velvet is their debut EP.
Greyson Chance

OKC Pride Alliance headliner Greyson Chance victorious after early fame

Greyson Chance is the headliner Friday for the Oklahoma City Pride Alliance Festival at Scissortail Park in downtown OKC lasting thru Sunday.

Juneteenth two-day celebration in Oklahoma City features music, film

Starting on the Eastside Saturday and then moving to Scissortail Park Sunday, this year's celebration of Juneteenth will be a special one.
Kitt Wakeley

Kitt Wakeley rocks orchestrally with Symphony of Sinners and Saints

Kitt Wakeley developed his love of music at home and at the movie theater. The results were dramatic. He will be performing in OKC Saturday
Tower Theatre

Tower Theatre plans recovery from pandemic effects by increasing shows

Tower Theatre operators Chad Whitehead and Stephen Tyler now see a way to recover their live music business safely in coming months.

DCF Concerts moves toward normalcy with Diamond Ballroom shows

DCF Concerts announced a June 19 date at the Diamond Ballroom for Dirty Honey. It's not the first show DCF promoted since the COVID-19 pandemic, but it reflects how things have changed .
Fire in Little Africa

Fire in Little Africa explores Tulsa Race Massacre through hip-hop at Oklahoma Contemporary

Fire in Little Africa comes to Oklahoma Contemporary in OKC Saturday to explore the Tulsa Race Massacre through hip hop.
The Immaginaries

For The Imaginaries, real life got in the way of almost everything

Album release cycles can be hectic under normal conditions, but Maggie McClure and Shane Henry, the married duo at the core of The Imaginaries, have a next-level story to tell.

BedTime is rested, ready for live shows, but will stick to streaming for now

Eli Tostado and Tanner Nicholls of BedTime were full of new ideas in 2020 but without a place to deploy them thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns.