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The various art expressions in Oklahoma City and beyond


“Ed Ruscha: OKLA” exhibition illustrates meaning of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Contemporary is providing residents in Oklahoma City an unprecedented opportunity to consider its identity in the art of Ed Ruscha.

BedTime is rested, ready for live shows, but will stick to streaming for now

Eli Tostado and Tanner Nicholls of BedTime were full of new ideas in 2020 but without a place to deploy them thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns.
Spiro Mounds exhibit

Spiro Mounds exhibit reveals life of Wichita, Caddo Nations’ ancestors

A principle long held sacred by the tribes of Oklahoma: that custody of their land remains unsevered from the First Nations.
Original Flow

OKC hip-hop artist Original Flow speaks truth to power on Blackmankidboy

Original Flow is an Oklahoma City original who continues to break musical barriers as he challenges the status quo.
Melanin Stories

Melanin Stories exhibit reveals joy, life, triumph of Blackness in America

The Paseo’s First Friday of February launched an exhibition in the Paseo Arts and Creativity Center by Poetic City called Melanin Stories.
Tower Theatre

Tower Theatre rebuilds, fires up projectors after nine-month COVID closure

Just when the 83-year-old Tower Theatre was making it's comeback, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and changed all the rules.
Factory Obscura

Mix-tape by Factory Obscura engages every sense

The latest Mix-tape by Factory Obscura now has Valentines Day themed sections added to the experience to join 9th Street merchants' theme.
Unfiltered views

Unfiltered Views exhibition a unique take on outsider art

A collection of three different “outsider artists" offers visitors an opportunity to view art through an untaught perspective.
La Caravana Del Diablo

La Caravana del Diablo exhibit reveals struggle, hope of Mexico’s caravans

Ada Trillo’s La Caravana del Diablo exhibit Each photograph is illuminated by the hope of its subjects and darkened by their fears.

“Fieldworks: Beyond Measure” exhibit intimately terrestrial in focus

"Fieldworks: Beyond Measure" is a new exhibit at the recently-opened Oklahoma Contemporary in Oklahoma City.