Victor Leal grill stranded

Local micro-business grants worth $10,000 to be available soon

New grants intended to help local "micro-businesses" are being prepared by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority (OCURA) and will be available soon.

If you cannot pay rent or a mortgage, develop a plan now

The courts will be back in session May 15 and when they are the day of financial reckoning will have arrived for some. But there is a way.
Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby closes stores nationwide “until further notice”

The Hobby Lobby corporation announced Friday that all stores are closed "until further notice" and many distribution and headquarters employees furloughed.
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Unemployment system strains to keep up with record crush of applicants

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) has experienced a record number of people filing for unemployment, mirroring national trends.
essential workers

Essential workers — stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Some companies take care of their employees without being compelled to and some don't. Essential workers who interact with the public face daily perils.
hobby lobby

All 4,000 at Hobby Lobby headquarters in OKC required to work in offices

Sources inside the 4,000-employee Hobby Lobby headquarters in OKC say that no employees were allowed to work remotely last week though many could have.
price gouging statute

Price gouging statute in effect after coronavirus Emergency Declaration

After President Trump declared a national emergency to address COVID-19, Oklahoma AG Mike Hunter warned that the state's price gouging statute is in effect.

Coworking options in OKC provide community, support, resources

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and those who have just had it with working from home now have yet another option for coworking in Oklahoma City.
farmers market

Local farmers market forced move causes financial hardship, anger

Farmers who sell produce at the OSU-OKC farmers market are angry about the hardships of being forced to move to a new location by the end of February.
Uptown 23rd

Uptown 23rd gains new business improvement district funding

The OKC City Council voted to establish the Uptown 23rd Business Improvement District (BID) Tuesday which will give Uptown 23rd some serious new funding.