Oklahoma State Board of Ed “Zoom-bombed” in virtual meeting Thursday

The Oklahoma State Board of Education was the latest to fall victim to a "Zoom-bombing" attack Thursday when a hacker flooded their virtual session's chat.
Pano - OKCjs - Lightning talks thrive

Women thrive in Oklahoma City tech community

Women find increasing acceptance, and thrive, in Oklahoma City’s tech community as California’s Silicon Valley companies continue to struggle with a stubborn, misogynist “brogrammer”...

Local firm’s app brings printed page to life

A local marketing firm has developed its own app that only 50 years ago would have been the stuff of science fiction. And leaders...

Techlahoma scores another win with ThunderPlains 2017 conf

The fifth ThunderPlains web and mobile developer conference concluded Friday with socializing at venues around the Will Rogers Theater at NW 43rd and Western...
Carlos Moreno - Jennifer Pahlka

Code for America brigades in Oklahoma promote good government

Since 2009, Code for America has been making a positive impact on governments mostly at the local level. “This is really about people helping people,”...
Lightning Talks

OKCjs Lightning Talks anything but a dumpster fire

Oklahoma City JavaScript user’s group, or OKCjs, featured its popular Lightning Talks Tuesday with 59 people enjoying the new Techlahoma meeting room at StarSpace46. Three...
Jonathan Yarbor and James Ross

Nodecraft increases game offerings, upgrades user tools

Game server hosting company Nodecraft will celebrate its fifth anniversary in May, but co-founders Jonathan Yarbor and James Ross are not waiting for the...
Free Code Camp - OKC meeting group - Kristin Ferrier

Free Code Campers side-step computer science degree and win

Sean Ivins worked at a help desk for a local corporation making $30,000 per year answering calls from the public. "Like most call-center work, it...
Dollens preps for net neutrality bill

Net neutrality bill for Oklahoma proposed by southside rep

A bill that would provide net neutrality for Oklahoma is being drafted by southside Rep. Mickey Dollens in preparation for the next session of...
Gov Mary Fallin tours StarSpace46

Innovate Oklahoma – new day for tech entrepreneurs

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announced the Innovate Oklahoma Initiative Thursday during a visit to StarSpace46 west of downtown Oklahoma City, a tech co-working space...