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Oklahoma State Board of Ed “Zoom-bombed” in virtual meeting Thursday

The Oklahoma State Board of Education was the latest to fall victim to a "Zoom-bombing" attack Thursday when a hacker flooded their virtual session's chat.
OKCPS computer

Network attack could cost OKCPS over $100,000 plus ransom

Oklahoma City Public Schools could be charged over $100,000 by a cybersecurity firm for helping the district recover from a crippling ransomware attack.

After seven days, OKCPS says network “fully operational” after attack

After a full seven days of efforts by district staff and third-party contractors to recover from a crippling ransomware attack, Oklahoma City Public Schools...

Hackers still owning parts of OKCPS network? District won’t say – Updated

Five days later questions remain about the condition of the Oklahoma City Public Schools digital network that handles all business, grades, and internet service...
OKCPS computer

Ransomware hits OKCPS

Oklahoma City Public Schools is in their third day of trying to recover from a ransomware attack on its network that began on Monday...
Free Code Camp - OKC meeting group - Kristin Ferrier

Free Code Campers side-step computer science degree and win

Sean Ivins worked at a help desk for a local corporation making $30,000 per year answering calls from the public. "Like most call-center work, it...
Dollens preps for net neutrality bill

Net neutrality bill for Oklahoma proposed by southside rep

A bill that would provide net neutrality for Oklahoma is being drafted by southside Rep. Mickey Dollens in preparation for the next session of...
Pano - OKCjs - Lightning talks thrive

Women thrive in Oklahoma City tech community

Women find increasing acceptance, and thrive, in Oklahoma City’s tech community as California’s Silicon Valley companies continue to struggle with a stubborn, misogynist “brogrammer”...
Yarbor and Ross - Nodecraft, net neutrality

Elimination of net neutrality alarms OKC tech companies

Jonathan Yarbor and James Ross are partners in the tech startup Nodecraft, a worldwide game hosting platform. “We had the news streaming all morning watching...
Creativity Beta Conf large group

Creativity Beta conference promotes new collaborations

For about the last decade Douglas Sorocco has been promoting Creativity conferences in the state and around the world. And in parallel, Tommy Yi has...