35th Annual Norman Christmas Day Dinner offers food, goods, company

In its 35th year, the Norman Christmas Day Dinner is set to be held once again providing not only food but company on Christmas Day.
Polk's House

Here are OKC restaurants keeping their doors open on Christmas Day

Here are restaurants in OKC with great reputations that will be open Christmas Day in case you just have had it around the house.

Construction continues on what will be the largest Catholic Church in Okla

Progress is being made on the new campus and church that will eventually be the shrine for Blessed Stanley Rother in south OKC.

The art of rebirth — OKCMOA’s Centre Bistro has much to offer

Steve Gill took in the Centre Bistro, the new cafe in the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and found an elegant vibe and the food very good.
Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre! Mexican pro wrestling comes to eager fans in south OKC

Lucha Libre (Free Fighting) is one of the most popular sports in Mexico and it is finding its way into Oklahoma City’s south side. 
Unwind Cafe

Peace on Earth: Inside Unwind Cafe

It’s the most stressulous time of the year. And, Steve Gill has found a place to calm down and focus. He reviews Unwind Cafe in Uptown 23rd.

Southside OKC boxing gym keeps kids focused, off the street, and alive

A boxing gym in South OKC serves the community by offering a goal-focused atmosphere centered around family, commitment, structure.

Confirmed – Cummings to move, run for OK County Dist 3 Commissioner

Cathy Cummings confirmed to Free Press Sunday afternoon that she will move into the new District 3 and run for that County Commissioner seat.
La Historia

First in SW 29 District, ‘La Historia’ mural recalls deep Hispanic history

"La Historia" was the first mural in the thriving SW 29 Revitalization District and still provides beauty and a rich history lesson.

Come Together — Rendezvous Pizza is a good place to gather in Bricktown

Steve Gill takes in Rendezvous Pizza in Bricktown for the first time and comes away with some good things to say about this food.