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Political developments in Oklahoma City

anti-war protest

Anti-war protest in Oklahoma City opposes possible war with Iran

In response to a U.S. drone strike on one of Iran's top military leaders, protesters gathered Saturday outside Sen James Lankford's Oklahoma City offices.
impeachment rally

Rallies reveal surprising support for Horn’s impeachment decision

Congresswoman Kendra Horn's campaign headquarters was the site of dueling rallys Tuesday night in OKC, one for impeachment and the other against.

Congresswoman Horn to vote for Pres Trump’s impeachment

U.S. 5th District Congresswoman Kendra Horn announced Tuesday morning that she will vote for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
MAPS 4 passes

MAPS 4 gets largest percentage approval in half-century of sales tax votes

The MAPS 4 tax proposal intended to fund 16 different projects passed by the largest margin in the last half-century in Oklahoma City Tuesday.
José Cruz

Stone’s resignation from HD 89 will cause special election early in 2020

Shane Stone announced Tuesday that he would be stepping down from his Oklahoma House District 89 seat in Oklahoma City at the end of December.
town hall

Impeachment inquiry vote gets loudest applause, cheers at Horn town hall

The negative response to U.S. Fifth District Rep Kendra Horn that some may have expected or feared never materialized in a relaxed town hall Sunday.

Horn to vote in favor of Trump impeachment process vote

U.S. Rep Kendra Horn announced that she will vote for the bill that lays out the rest of the inquiry process for possible impeachment of Pres Trump.
initiative petition

In initiative petition, Okla politicians would no longer get to pick their voters

Gerrymandering, the process of elected officials drawing districts every ten years to assure their own re-election, would end by a new initiative petition.
bike summit

Annual Oklahoma Bike Summit equips cyclists for advocacy

Cycling enthusiasts, advocates, and experts from across the state converged on Oklahoma City Friday and Saturday for the annual Oklahoma Bike Summit. Organized by Bike...
Sheriff P.D. Taylor

Sheriff — “take the jail,” Jail Trust Chair — “we don’t want to do...

Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor is giving the newly formed Jail Trust less than ten weeks to prepare to take over administration of the jail.